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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

The Prodigal

According to Sir Andy Hagans I am currently not contributing to Log blog the blog for log in a consistent or acceptable manner. To rectify this situation i offer a profound and poignant biblical quote: "You are always with me and everything i have is yours." As fellow members of the loyal order of groundhog you may have heard this phrase at a certain eucharistic celebration in our home dorm in which a large arachnid decided to crawl into the wine chalice, or more likely from the mouth of one of our most esteemed members, sir james joseph atkinson III. I propose that we add this saying to our LOG vocabulary, an addition to the legacy of "ok bye", "i wish you would", "maaaaaaaaa" (or its numerous derivatives), "ok i love you bye" etc etc etc. Have the most wonderful of wednesdays!


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