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Saturday, April 03, 2004

Ridiculously perturbed

Hello Fellow Loggers~
Or is there even such a thing as a fellow logger anymore? One day after our two month logaversary and such an astonishing display of grotesque indifference! All that is left after this life altering experience for two innocent young log ladies to do is spend the night in the one place on campus where they will be loved, or at least be responded to, the computer cluster of the lafortune student center in the center of a cold and desolated University of our lady on a wintry april saturday night. We can only hope that you may find our blog postings in an altered state of mind, and we look forward to a time when you might not "curb your enthusiasm" when you see us again to the point of sending us away once more.
regretfully yours,
Holly and nat


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