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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

I miss everyone too

Hello all,

Well i am sure by now andy and jimmy are in ft. worth with na na! I miss you all so much. It just doenst feel like home anymore at all. i do have my days off as june 11-13 june 18-20 and july9-11 and then july 17-25 (i will go home this week though) ; so if anyone wants to do anything let me know. Texas is so awesome. I love it here too. Aslo if anyone wants to come to family day on june 30 and watch me in my activity and do fireworks please do come and you ould stay with me in my plush lodge! hahaha! I am glad everything is great for you holly! hope work is ogign well for you. WEll i gotta run. hae a good day family!
oh yeah i need addresses. i hae letters but no where to send them to


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