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Monday, May 31, 2004

Memorial Day Festivities

I'm headed to Austin with my girlfriend, Elizabeth, to party hard with some Longhorns. Be back tomorrow, maybe. Love you, bye!


  • Longhorns? I just met horns.

    By Blogger Boney, at 3:49 PM  

  • so jealous....i went to a bbq with the rents, not as exciting.....but i hope you have a blast na na!

    By Blogger Holly, at 6:24 PM  

  • thats awesome. im so jealous. eah i sat here palying games with my girls as we hid from a terrible storm. oh yeah i have some awesome new games to play. they will le ave us rolling on the ground

    By Blogger dscraffo, at 1:25 PM  

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