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Monday, May 17, 2004

OK i stink at posting but that will change i promise

Hello All my fellow loggers and bloggers~ I miss you so much but am also having a splendid time in h-town. I am glad to hear as well that nat made it back to f-town and that she had fun with debster in w-town. I will keep jimandi in my prayers as they embark on their cross country voyage from s-town to l-town. And by the way cheers to jimbot for becoming the first ND alum member of LOG----we are so proud!! I start my job tommorrow where i have my own desk and computer so hopefully in my spare time i will have plenty of time for new and exciting posts....well at least new ones anyway! Ok well in the words of johnny "is that short for john or jonathan?" johnston, "I am lame without log and so i am going to bed!" i miss you all and love you. Ok bye


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