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Monday, June 21, 2004

Blogging Out Loud

The feminist in me and the Texan in me are torn. I do think, however, that the feminist prevails. Rich may be able to understand where I am coming from since he has taken so many feminism classes. The fact that he has taken these classes, though, does not persuade me. He has proven time and again that he has a very limited amount of confidence in the female sex. Furthermore, from LOG's earliest days there has always been equal representation between the sexes. Even with the addition of its fringe members it maintained this precedence. On the other hand, Rich is a fellow Texan, as Andy pointed out, and this could lead to our even greater influence. But then again, we already hold the majority in terms of geographics with Debbie's newfound affinity for the Lone Star State. But, again as Andy pointed out I could see some humorous postings coming from that Richard. But, then again, he didn't go to Punxsutawney or was subject to the various Groundhog rituals that ensued. As you can see, there are various arguments that can be made for Rich's admittance or rejection. Therefore, in the tradition of so many elections that took place on Our Lady's campus, I abstain.


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