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Sunday, June 27, 2004

where are the posts

you know its wierd when i post twice before anyone else does. but then again i suppose it is the weekend. today we get a new round of kids. i am so excited. i have 12 year old girls which should be interesting. i seem to prefer the slightly younger ones :) i also drove a gator for the first time today! it went wonderfully. f cousrse i shyed away from the gator i actually crashed. other than that it should be a good week. oh nat i heard a really funny story about jshep last night from annie. i guess when he was little he was mad his hamster wouldnt finish an obstacle course so he took it and dropped it. his mom had to get the kids out of the housebecase he was so injuyred. what a crazy boy. annie was laughing so hard she could barely talk! well hav a wonderful sunday everyone


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