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Monday, June 21, 2004


Hello again all....Had i realixed the stir i was going to cause within the members of LOG BLOG i may have never proposed the addition of Richard to its ranks.....but at the same time i feel that it has helped to give us a great start on our track to 400 posts....nevertheless, i think it is important to realize one more very important pro of the third james as you say: he is truly the one person who brought us all together....an to spare us all the embarrassment this is a lot of relationships and syr dates and hoopala and events that would never have happened without his existence....so although he may have been absent during the formation of log, he may very well be the spark that ignited us......or maybe this is all crap and i wouldnt let anyone else into log either so we will see hoe it goes....maaaaaaaa ok bye....just thought i should stand up for him though.....and nat i am working on the pics dont give up on me!


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