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Thursday, July 01, 2004

Get on it

Ok bloggers, if we think we are gonna reach our goal by sunday we better get on the ball with our posting here.....i think 25 posts in 3 days should be a breeze but i am just reminding everyone....and oh yeah....i guess LOG is not dead afterall....anyway....i think everyone will have great stories to tell over the course of the weekend with a 3 logger rendezvous in "la ciudad de los angeles" (imagine jimbot saying that in his best spanish tour guide voice), a wild party on cambridge in Ann Arbor, perhaps a reappearance of a certain camp boy, and various other independence day activities! Have fun out there buddies! miss ya and wish i was spending another american holiday in punxsatawney....after all they do put on a pretty good fireworks show if nothing else! WOOT WOOT! Ok Bye!


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