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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Guest Post

I swear, this is an email I received from Peeds today:

"Ghetto cowboys,I made it out of the joint last night at 8PM after being held since 9PM thenight before.  Jail time is fucking miserable, though I had some productiveconversations about race in the US with the numerous dope dealers doing timewith me.  I'm out and content and telling the story at work, they're stuckthere for a lot longer.And I made it onto the evening news, though I haven't heard about ESPN yet. Orioles game rained out, and a very drunk Michael was pressured by his date tojump on the field and reminisce about his youth by slip 'n sliding across thetarp.  I jumped at first and made it almost all the way to third, then hoppedthe far wall and proceeded to outrun the police by zigzagging through the rowsin the stadium until the fact that radios travel faster than even myrecently-in-better-shape-legs caught up to me.Bottom line: flying back to Baltimore in September to face a possible $500 fineand 90 days in jail.And it's all appropriate, seeing as how I'm visiting the wannabe black Andy inthe ghetto town of Columbus in a few hours.yours,The soon to be felon given the rate at which criminals return to prison afterincarceration"


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