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Friday, July 30, 2004

Never have I felt more dejected in my life.

You may have noticed that Debbie asked in her Wednesday's "Whoo Hoo" post, "Nat what are you up to Friday?" I was so excited to see Debbie one last time before I move to another country, not to return until Christmas. Yesterday we spoke and she told me that she was coming to Fort Worth and I was very excited to finally have a friend here. (It's been a pretty lonely summer.) All day at work I thought of all the fun things Debbie and I would do-- talk about boys, go shopping, eat ice cream, maybe have a pillow fight in our underwear. While at work she told me that she was going to see a movie at Sundance Square, a local theater. Although I could not join them, I came home to an email from Debbie that talked about Starbucks and dinner. Boy, was I excited! So I've been waiting by my phone all day, carrying with me everywhere I go, just waiting for that phone call. Then, 10 minutes ago, phone in hand, it beeps. Missed call! Impossible! I listen to my message. She went to Dallas?! She was in Fort Worth and didn't even see me. I am so sad. I'm going to go cry now. Another lonely night, only this time it's much worse. I had such high hopes for this evening with one of my best friends, hopes that have been dashed away.


  • Wait, who's Debbie?

    By Blogger Johnny, at 12:09 PM  

  • natalie i am so sorry. i was with another staff member and she really wanted to go to dallas. i didnt et your message until we were on our way and i didnt think you would want to drive there. boy i feel so bad rigt now

    By Blogger dscraffo, at 7:36 PM  

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