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Saturday, July 17, 2004

random friday nights

so last night was one of the most randomn nights ever.  there was a group of four of us who really didnt want to go out out so we decided to head into cleburne for a bit.  that was crazy as it was cuz its such a small town.  we ate at cicis opizza.  megan and i were getting comments made about us by the mexican cooks which was funny.  the convo at dinner was just ridiculous.  it was like wierd hitting on each other.  then on the way home we decided to take one of the huge orange cones randomnly to put in the fire ircle.  now is where it gets crazy.  we decided to bring the kiddie pool in the lodge and fill it up to watch a movie  yeah thats right.  it was FREEZING!  but so much fun.  then we all stayed up till 4 in the mornin just talking and bein wierd.  it was a truely log wrothy event.  can we bring a kiddie pool into farley?


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