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Saturday, July 10, 2004

today we were a saturday night

Today we had an awesome day at the lake with james leito and the leito crew....there is nothing like some good country music and hard core tubing, banana boat riding and attempts to get up on the wakeboard (holly sucks at this....nat is pro though guys!) If you've ever thought debbie scrafford was a hottie (which come on we all have at one time or another....) you should have seen her today in her water proof blue plastic glove! She was a trooper and even with a broken wrist and cast mangaged to participate in many of the extreme water sports. Oh and btw jimbot, although we didnt manage to take a pic of us all in short skirts, we did take some in swimsuits. We would like to also announce that there may be a new log movie to put on nats webspace that rivals the quality of doorway mattress jumping! Woot Woot.....we miss you boys maaa!


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