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Friday, July 02, 2004


i dont know why andy was picked rotm but congrats. im sure i missed something but im happy for him. i did have a question. why isnt rich admitted into our club yet? i really think he would enhance it. other than that things are great at camp. last night was so fun. i ad a kid who had a huge crush on me wich was so adorable. today i was on the verge of tears saying goodbye to all the campers. even though it was a hard wweek it was also so awesome. i just love this place. also my lodgemate is much better. she just got released and is going to be resting today nd all week. please keep her in your payers. the camper is doing well as well but is still in the ICU so also keep her in your prayers. i am about to go to dallas with jaime fo the night i just really need a break from here :) what is everyone else up to? nat and jimmy i hope yall are haing fun


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