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Monday, July 19, 2004

woot woot

this post is titled as such because it is the only way to illustrate what a great mood i am in. why this great mood you might ask? here are the reasons why:
1)this weekend i taught a group of people how to play kings and learned how to love margaritas with salt (alhtough we left out never have i ever which i think is really what makes a game of kings worthwhile but meh)

2) Jimbot, Johnbot, and Na-Na all called me this weekend and made it ever so special

3) My brother, Lietenant Dave, is coming home in less than a day and at midnight tommorrow i will be holding home-made signs at the houston international airport and seeing him for the first time in a whole year!

So as you can see, since my summer had a huge turnaround beginning with and because of the 303 Ft Worth Rendezvous, I am having a great time and i just wanted to share it with my loggers. I recognize that these tye of happy, whimsical, and love for LOG type posts are the exact cause of the resignation of one our founding officers, but i just couldnt resist. Love yall! MAAAAAAAAA!


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