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Saturday, July 31, 2004

woot woot

Nat, while i am heartbroken to hear that my na-na is feeling dejected, my johnbot has syphillis, my debs is mia in dallas over fort worth, and my jimbot, well i guess hes the same as usual.....i must say that your holly joy is celebrating....my last day of work that is....i am a free woman and am already enjoying it.....so thanks for hanging in there with me while i was boring all summer...maybe now i will stay up late and blog for you all.....in the meantime i miss you guys and i am not just being sentimental.....i do and for all the dejection that is around right now....ther will be just as much partying and jubilation and rowdiness (quite possibly more) when we all return in january....and dont think you arent coming to the bend in the spring bc theres no football bot.....you have another thing coming....WOOT WOOT...ps did you all realize that there is a mere 185 days til GHD 2005? come on....what more do we need to smile about!


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