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Monday, August 09, 2004

adios amigos

Hola mis amigos,
I am off to mexico en la manana and i just wanted to say goodbye to all of you officially on the blog.....i love you all and will miss you more than you know......i have had so much fun blogging and celling and visiting this summer and i am truly glad to have such good friends, the kind worth keeping in touch with! So i hope to continue blogging from my non communist study abroad country and will try to email too....so let me know what you are all up to this semester! Sorry for the all too sentimental and serious nature of this post, but every once in a while i feel the urge to be sincere and let yall know i love you! ok bye! vaya con dios loggers....wherever the next few months take you i will be thinking of you and dreaming about log reunion...woot woot!


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