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Monday, August 16, 2004

being an international student

so i just wanted to again inform yu all that i am alive and well. also i wanted to wish natalie and andy good luck as they venture out to the countries of their choice....living in a nother country is really really fun....although sometimes very confusing and mostly ridiculous....i just finished with my first day of classes and all went well but there is so much crap to take care of and money tp spend....my sister owns a restaurant so i think we are going there for lunch which shuld be fun and my house and family are still amazing.....ps natalie i danced on a bar and a table in a club here called barcelona and the owner is now our best friend and we get a free round of drinks whne we go....dont worry rich it was not scandalous and other people were doing it...lol! ok so i will talk to you all soon....keeep me informed on whats new with you! i love you guys and miss you! adios!


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