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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

la fun run

so johnny and i did our usually la fun run last and we both reminisced when we all would go and q dogs. it was still fun and we did the usual maaa goodnight despite missing the best maaaaaaer of all (holls of course) still waiting to see peeder. other than that hthings are really good. holls and nat i think you are goign to love the room when you come back. we got these sweet rugs. thye are alot of fun. we are still shopping for things but its slowly coming together. i think you are also going to love sarah. she is so awesome and so hilarious. holls i am glad things are good in mexico. how is the intership? nat i am gald to hear you are also having a blast. one of these days i will be able to talk to you on the phone maybe which would jsut make my day. well off to procrastinate some more!


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