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Sunday, August 01, 2004

ROTM acceptance speech

I would like to thank the committee for my award of roomate of the month. While i have this opportunity i would also like to thank a few people who made this award possible. First I would like to thank natalie and deborah for prompting and accomadating me in ft.worth when i flew to see them (which i am assuming is one of the reasons i got rotm?) I would also like to thank Joe Nathan for his inspiring workday emails, andy hagans for his constant reminders that log is dead, and james joseph atkinson the third for his late night texas/early evening california phone calls that sporadically kept me striving to be the best roomate i could be. I know by now the crappy music is playing to get me off the stage but i would like to take this last moment to thank the man who started it all......PHIL! That groundhog!


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