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Saturday, September 04, 2004

ear lobe adventrues

so i gota crazy urge to peirce my ears again so today i randomnly went to the mall and double peirced my ears. it look easy cool and fun. it did hurt a little but it was so worth it. i am thinking of getting cartiledge done but they wouldnt do it at the mall so i dont know. we shall see. it was totally randomn though. just an urge. oh well....i figure if i dislike it i ccan just take it out. :) i saw johnny last night..he looked really good. poor guy. oh and guess what i guess sickness is spread across continents cuz i got sick last night...it sucked. and what sucked more is jamie decided to not walk me home. boys :( oh well. i feel much better today just really drugged up :) well first game tonight! woohoo. have a wonderful weekend


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