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Monday, September 27, 2004

just when you thought you were safe in the dh

hello lovely loggers....i know you are intrigued by the title. well one of our freshmen yesterday took a nasty fall from the upper level down the stairs and borke her leg pretty badly. keep her in your prayers. other than that my weekend was good. we had our concession stand for the washington game. we made 3000 dollar profit. it was crazy insane though. so i was in charge of it and mistakely forgot that brauts took hot dog buns as well so ordered about half as many as we needed. woops all went well though and we were able to get more. yes sometiems i wonder where my brain went. yesterday was so beautiful. i actaully had a productive study day outside. i was quite amazed. i also went to the farley football game and sister c was hilarious i quote "and your moms wear combat boots" wow. she gets crazier every day. hope all is well in london and mexico and LA. jimmy see you friday!


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