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Thursday, September 02, 2004

me too

well it seems that nat has a cold and johnny needs surgery and i am going to secnd that,....i have a mean mean cold (gripa) after staying out on tuesday night at a bar called el tigre to 4 am with my mexican brother and sister and dancing the night away to songs such as california dreamin tecno style, hey hey baby...will you be my girl, greased lightning and usher´s yeah.....oyu see i thought i would be getting a foreign experience but it seems that our cheesy american music is muy popular aqui en mexico. ok well happy belated anniversary and congrats to johnbot for roomie of the month....ps debs, when i get back i can help cook since i have been learning the mexcian ways here in my house......mmm mmm.


  • yeah, that makes me so excited. i am going to attempt natalies chicken enchiladas. it should be interesting. i hope you feel better holly :)

    By Blogger dscraffo, at 6:33 PM  

  • Hey, I went to a restaurant called Tiger Tiger today, Holls. Coincidence? I can't wait to have a huge Mexian feast, Boone's and all. And Debs, I'm sure you can master the enchiladas. They're a piece of cake. Can you leave some for me in fringe for when I get back, please. Thank you!

    By Blogger Natalie, at 8:14 AM  

  • yeah sure...there are some in the fridge right now wiht your name on them

    By Blogger dscraffo, at 6:26 PM  

  • this post makes me laugh and loud and smile in the cmputer lab and miss 303 more than ever!

    By Blogger Holly, at 12:50 PM  

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