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Thursday, September 09, 2004

my inbox

hello all, i am still alive and well here in mexico and absolutely loving it. i am also loving it that debs loves me enough to tell me her exciting news and jimmy if this isnt my inbox then you should send me some real mail to my real inbox because other than johnbot, log hast been doing a good job of filling it up....maaa...anywho i was just writing to inform you all that if you need an excuse to get wasted next thursday, tell people its mexican independence day and be extra rowdy for me! i will be in acapulco on a white sand beach drinking a pina colada if all works out as planned!
Debs-congrats on 6 months with james
John-nice work on the nose brace decision, although i hope you ave pics so i can share in the ridiculousness of it all
Rich-why did we invite you again bc you never post
Nat-donde y como estas?
Jimbot-why the grouchiness, you love the blog dont you? have fun at the game!
Done and Done!
Miss yall bye!


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