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Thursday, September 23, 2004

So i went to the mexican hospital the other day....

for my internship and saw in person the birth of a baby....it was definitely the craziest and coolest thing i have ever seen....sort of like a groundhog coming out of its knob and seeing its shadow for the first time, but a little more intriguing. We also saw a brain surgery but i wont tell you about that since i know some of us loggers are a little weak when it come to medical talk. PS....jimbot, when is jimbot senior gonna come and take me out to dinner? And btw, rich and my dad are both coming on different weekends in november....anyone else interested......its only a plane ticket and then everything else would be on me......its pretty rowdy here, yall would like it. Ok talk to yall soon. also out like a groundhog!


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