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Monday, October 25, 2004


wow alot has happened in the past week. so i got to go home for break for the first time. It was quite nice and restful. :) nothing too major. I did get to work in the newborn ICU unit though for one day which was aweosme. THe babies were so tiny. It was so amazing to see how early they are able to save the babies. :)
so tonight we decided to go to niles and let me tell you i jumped and screamed so much. It was so much fun. i had a man wiht a chainsaw chase me. It sounded so real. Then a man wiht black and red face and body pierces sneak up and just start staring at me wiht his face inches from mine and a freaky clown in strobe lights chase me and so much more. I think we should all go next year! well i miss you girls and boys. o h yeah holls. Ian and Libby and Maggie were back this past week. They asked where you were and said i had to tell you hi for them! :) Ian also actually listened. :) wow i know! well hope all is well.


  • I would be really confused if I didn't know that "Niles" was Debbie's way of saying "haunted house."

    By Blogger Jimbo, at 10:21 AM  

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