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Friday, October 01, 2004

on days like this i miss log

so i just had one of those days when i want are two members of log: nat and holls. i had a horrible week of tests and papers nad quizzes and all i could think of when are holly and nat going to come ot libs to visit me and just make my day. yes those visit meant so much then. then i got wiht my test and not feeling so hot about it just wnated to come home to nat singing toxic and have holly tell me everything will be alright. where are you girls by the way! im just having a down day. cest la vie. oh an extremely happy note it is set in stoen yall are living here next semester. i had the big talk with elieen yesterday. she has met eli and really likes here and we talked to sr. c and it is set that elieen will live wiht eli and yall are coming back here. i knew it would all work out. :) and yall thought i would fall through! i hope you both are having tons and tons of fun in london and mexico. somehting else exciting. im going to go horse back riding on sunday! yep thats right. best idea ever! i cannot wait. well jimm ycomes in 2 hours so ill talk to yall later. have a wonderful weekend


  • DEBS i miss you too roomie....no worries, every thing will be alright just like you sais that i would say = ) watch out 246 here comes 303, in january that is

    By Blogger Holly, at 12:44 AM  

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