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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Que puedo decir!!!!

what can i say....yu guys are tuly hilarious and my family here thinks i am crazy bc every time sit in front of the computer i laugh out loud at the blog. idont have a lot of time but i would like to point out a few things that make me happy.
1. the fact that johnnys trip to vegas cost 5 dollars....that is sweet dude.
2. the fact that the countdown is at 99.....are we going again or what?
3. the fact that on sunday i receieved a voicemail from na-na that was such a surprise....thanks girl and i am incredily sorry i missed it....how i would have loved to chat chica!
4. that debs got to go home for fall break and take a true break.
5. that my hermano is dying my hair green right now, yes i am serious. but dont worry its just a small piece....viva la mexico.
6. that i got to see my entire family and rich this weekend and everything was absolutely awesome......there will be plenty of pictures very soon amigos!
ok bye, for now, i am out like a groundhog....bye!
Love yall!


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