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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Walking though Cambridge

So I guess it's been nearly a month since I posted. I guess I was lacking in inspiration. But this past weekend, I went to visit Cambridge. My flatmates and I were walking along The Backs of the colleges on a pathway along the road. From up the road, this car filled with rowdy Brits is blaring Walking in Memphis and I was in shock. How was it that our 303 song made it across the ocean to these foreigners who clearly loved this song as much as we do? Well, thought you might like to know. Maybe I'll find more inspiration to write again soon. I'm off to go chill with Howie at the office.


  • Something about a pretty little thing waiting for the king down in the jungle room? Hey, you forgot to tell them about Jim's Fudge Kitchen.

    By Blogger Jimbo, at 5:23 PM  

  • i think this is the coolest thing i have heard in a long time

    By Blogger dscraffo, at 7:52 AM  

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