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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

wtf and ftp and any other acronym

how come i didnt get any silly abroad postcards? and more importantly, guess what tomorrow is everyone! yes thats right, the 2nd of december and our ten month anniversary.....can you believe we made it that far....i think at one year we should break up and then get back together again just for fun, you know since we are sort of an immature middle school humor type of gang...well just an idea......in other news: a friend here had to illegally escape to the states due to a case of good old hepatitis A....dont worry team i had my vaccination and a blood test and all looks good for me....but needless to say after some finals, a sweet trip to cancun and playa del carmen, and a few more days with my wonderful mexican familia.....it will be nice to be home for christmas! miss yall!


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