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Friday, October 22, 2004

Cecil Fielder

For those of you who may think that gambling is "cool" or the "answer to all of life's problems" or a "great way to spend fall break," maybe you should check out the story of legendary Detroit Tigers player Cecil Fielder, who gambled away his entire $47 million career earnings. And now, I guess his wife is pretty pissed off. Can't imagine why. Oh, good thing we have this USA Today story:
In her filings, Stacey Fielder alleged her husband had engaged in "an avalanche of misconduct" that caused her angry outbursts, and asked the court to enjoin her husband "from dissipating any more assets."

Cecil Fielder also listed $19.4 million in assets in his divorce papers — although that included $9 million for the house he no longer owns; $2 million in furnishings, most of which are no longer there; and more than $6 million from a variety of businesses — Big Daddy Classic Cars, CJ Fielder Transportation, Fielder Realty, etc. — none of which is reachable by telephone.

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