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Thursday, June 24, 2004

It can't possibly get any more ridiculous... can it?

Fresh off the heals of receiving permission to reprint articles from the VIS (official Press Office of the Holy See), the Pope Blog has been named site of the week by CathNews. Notice they got my name right!

Your best buddy,



The Pope Blog - thepopeblog.blogspot.com/
At risk of this issue of CathNews sparking a severe outbreak of popolatry in the community, we bring you news of The Pope Blog. (We actually chose this site review some days ago not knowing today's news would have two major stories from the Pope.) It describes itself as 'unofficial news and information about His Holiness, Pope John Paul II' and is put together by Boney [I bolded 'Boney', not them - Ed.]. Tastefully done and reasonably up-to-date, it is a useful blogsite if you want to quickly find out some of the major issues being discussed by the Pope. Includes helpful links on the front page to other Pope sites.

Click here if you think I'm making this up.


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