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Monday, June 21, 2004


At long last, we are on the eve of the Death of LOG. I predicted long ago that the return of The-Third-Who-Is-Named-James would rip apart the seams of our noble fellowship, or at the least transform its nature irrevocably. Now let us discuss the pros and cons of entering a Seventh into the Loyal Order of Groundhog. The LOG Blog is nothing if not a public forum to discuss a person's foibles.

I'll start:

PRO - A seventh member may provide opposition to the Committee's tyrannical reign.

CON - Rich is on the Crew team and you all know my feelings on that.

PRO - There is a remote chance he MIGHT post something halfway interesting sometime.

CON - The letterhead up top would go onto the second line again.

CON - LOG would be heavily concentrated in Tex-as.

CON - Do we even know this is Rich? This could just be Holly weaseling her way into a second username.

CON - Rich is neither a member of LOB nor of Jimandi Corp. Where does he fit in?

CON - Rich is always making anti-semitic jokes.

PRO - Rich tells funny jokes.

PRO - He does meet the height requirement to be in the Swiss Guard (Rich, have you seen the Pope Blog?)

CON - He is a Hassidic.

CON - He thinks Harvard is cool.

What does everyone else think?


  • CON: He barely speaks English
    PRO: He is very reliable

    By Blogger Johnny, at 6:45 PM  

  • this post wins for most creative although in all serious there truly are more pros than cons...i swear, even if i do have the wool pulle dover my eyes

    By Blogger Holly, at 10:28 PM  

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