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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

In a way

So yeah. Where are all the posts? WHAT!!? We missed our goal? Big deal! Does that mean we're just going to give up? I think not! Anyway, I guess Natalie went back to Texas today. She was here in case some of you failed to receive that memo. At the risk of turning into Debbie (I love you, Debs!), I'm going to recap the entire weekend -- without the aid of a monitor or a backspace key. Here goes nothing.

well on thursday morning i picked up natalie from the airport in burbackn. it as a lot of fund. we went to lunch and it was fun too. later we went to pasadenea and ate didenner there. then on friday we went to the beach. actually we specnt the dentire day tat thet beach. itw as so asewesome. except it was kidn of cloudy. but that's okay we had funa nyway. didnt we? i think so. so then on friday we went scubas diving offt he coast of lesotho iwht the boys. they were so aweomse. they thought us how to swim underwater. i saw some seaweed. i wish yall had been there. on saturday we fumbled our way over to long beacha nd bikced up my brother chuck form th te ariport down there. it was aseomse. then on sunday we had a big holiday for the forth of hjuly. we went to disneyland. the happiest place on eart. although natster found it to be the unhappiest place on earth for ta lot of the people there. a lot of frying babies and unhappy parents. but nata nd i had a lot of fun. so dont you worry or nothing. it was aweseome. we waited 45 minutes fro the peter pan ride at the end of the day. then on monday, i had the day off becasue it was a holdaiay again or something i guess. we went to huntington beach and got sunburnt but it was awesoem anyaywe. so thats about it then. its great to be able to share this weith yall. i hope to see everyone seon! toodles!


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