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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

The Bee

I would like to file a complaint. This is the complaint: the fact that a person is only eligable to be roomate of the month if they weigh less than 150 pounds. Jimbo explained the rule himself, saying "The rule is designed so only me and Natalie can ever be roomate of the month." I think any full member of LOG should be eligable. Although I will probably never win this award (being an SEO and all) I would like to think that it is technically possible for me to win even if I weigh over 200 pounds.

It should be said that Jimbo later corrected himself, admitting that the other two girls were indeed under the weight limit. I however still think this rule is unfair. It was clear designed to eliminate John E., Boney and The Bee from being chosen as roomate of the month and as such should be repealed. I also think we need to reform the committee, perhaps by rotating board members.


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