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Monday, November 01, 2004

Rich Purged from LOGblog

I was just talking to Debbie online earlier today about Rich, which reminded me that I needed to delete his LOGblog account. (Note that our AIM handles have been changed to our first names to protect our identities.)

Debbie (2:56:00 PM): rich just brought me an ice tea
Debbie (2:56:02 PM): i love that guy
Jimbo (2:57:33 PM): he's okay
Jimbo (2:58:01 PM): he's no jimbo.
Jimbo (2:58:08 PM): and he's certainly no andy hagans.
Jimbo (3:00:06 PM): :-P
Debbie (3:00:13 PM): well hes no jimbo
Debbie (3:00:20 PM): i do love rich though
Jimbo (3:00:25 PM): well, that makes one of us.
Debbie (3:00:26 PM): he was my roomate before you sadly
Debbie (3:00:34 PM): i will always stand up for rich
Jimbo (3:00:38 PM): good.
Jimbo (3:00:44 PM): which reminds me, i need to delete his account.
Debbie (3:00:59 PM): yeah he kinda sucked at the blog

Also, after a careful tally of the BRN Tribunal's survey from last week, it has been decided that no one will replace Rich on LOGblog. Let the record show that the only remaining human members of LOGblog are now Jimmy Atkinson, Natalie Cal, Michael Johnny Johnston, Holly Pavlick, and Debbie Scrafford.


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