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Friday, January 07, 2005

LOG's Got Terminal Cancer (But It Ain't Dead)

Hey little guys. In a surprise move, Andy has returned to America (and bearing presents - even one for that bastard Rich).

Can we please have a LOG party this week? I'm thinking Tuesday or Wednesday night in whoever has a cool room.

Also, just to confirm all the latest gossip that Johnny told me while I was in China, Holly and Rich broke up as did Debbie and Jamie, Holly and Jamie are now dating as are Rich and Debbie, Jimbo and Natalie are engaged but haven't set a date, Johnny came out of the closet and the Bee is "friends with benefits" with Fr. Poorman. Let me know if I missed any other cool romantic developments. I myself am single but may or may not be visiting a lady friend in Ann Arbor soon. peeeeace


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