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Monday, March 08, 2004

Hey, Mr. Indian,

You're so stupid.
You have red skin,
And you're dead...

Rich, we miss you!

...at least Holly does.

Question of the Day

Is Andy expelled yet?


Oh, Debbie.

After calling the room IMing Debbie repeatedly last night to check up on her after her big night, I finally received this IM. Note the time.

DScraff (8:16:17 AM): by the time i got your message i figurex it was too late to call [sic]

Tsk, tsk. Someone is in big trouble.

Google adds LOGblog

We're in Google, everyone! Try a search for "holly pavlick", "debbie scrafford", "logblog", "groundhog sass", "atkinson groundhog order", "'cameroon wins world cup' [with quotes]", or "sass-o-meter". We come up #1 in all of them. Congratulations, kids. Keep up the good work. We are the Groundhog squad. Go groundhogs! I'll be over at Q*Bert's if anyone needs me.

Sunday, March 07, 2004

Bob Ross

oh btw, a search for "debbie scrafford" on Kartoo brings up bobross.com as one of the results on the first map. And if you tell anyone that that bush is there, I will come to your house, and I will cut you.

Search Engine Results

Okay, I know I'm way over my posting quota already, but I just wanted to let everyone know about some search engine results for LOGblog keywords on Yahoo!. LOGblog is the #1 site that comes up in a search for the following keywords: "logblog", "loyal order of groundhog", "holly pavlick", or "debbie scrafford". We are #5 if you search for "natalie cal" and #6 if you search for "jimmy atkinson". Johnny's name is too popular, so "michael johnston" doesn't render very impressive results. Keep up the good work, kiddos!

Sass Alert!

Attention LOGers! The new Sass-o-meter is here! And here are the current readings (based on a decimal scale 0-10, where 0 is no sass and 10 is extremely high sass).

Debbie: 9.2
Natalie: 7.5
Jimmy: 7.0
Holly: 4.0
Johnny: 1.0

Comments anyone?

Yamane: Acting Black

What up wi' dat? Natalie, remember the crazy stuff we wrote on our note? Here are some excerpts from that ridiculously fun evening...

N: "This girl is from Dallas. She went to the all-girl school there, our rival, Ursuline."
J: "Does she always dress like a skank?"

Another favorite of mine appeared on the other side of the page...

J: "Does he know his hat is on backwards?"
N: "That's so black. What a hypocrite."
J: "My thoughts exactly."
N: "He makes me want to VOM.

There you have it then. We should do that again sometime. I hope you can see soon btw. Ok, bye!

Luke warm, I think NOT!!!

so suppsoeldy my date was luke warm but i disagree. disappearing for a full day....hahaha....yeah i dont htink so so yeah nothing serious maybh ave happened but this is the funnest part. we re still getting ot knwo each other and we areslowlyg etting more and more comfortable. :) it will come in time and when it does it wil lbe so more special :) yes i am ridiculous but thats cuz jaime si so hot right now! alright i miss all the bloggers except jimmy cuz he is teh only cool one who stayed but i love all the others. :) i miss yall so mcuh

Jimmy Scores!

Hey kiddos, I just found this photo of me scoring a goal. Pretty cool, eh?