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Saturday, August 21, 2004

never hvae im issed yall more than now

yeah so this sucks. i just got news we dont want to put all the beds in one room and we are basically having two rooms which is going ot be wierd for sleeping and whatever. you two were the best roomates i have ever and will ever have. you have no idea how much i miss yall now. its just not hte same without your craziness here. and yall thought like me. oh well. and i called johnny last night and guess hwat he hung up on me twice. hahaha...it was hialrious. he was talking such jiberish. i love that kid. hopefully i will get to see him soon. well miss everyone

I thought coxbox was funny...

I was up late watching some Olympics action live from Athens and I happened upon an event called (and I kid you not because I couldn't even make this stuff up) "coxless pairs men." Sounds like an ill-conceived gay porn. What do ya'll think? Rowing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia offers their take on this event.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Hola loggers. just wanted to say hi! nat i hope you are getting settled in well in london and andy in china and debs in 246. Jimmy i hope your job is still treating you well. Johnny please take debs to STATE this week and richard drive carefully and have fun moving in with daniel and those crazy rowers. i think i am going to veracruz this next weekend so that should be fun...i will keep you posted on my rowdiness (which i hope there will be a lot more of)
PS. Bot, do you know how many medals Chenglico has won so far. After all i think its probably the best country out there so i am figuring we should be pulling ahead in this olympics game, no?

back at home

hello all, well i got into nd yesterday. it was the nicest suprise. jimmy called me almost right away which was just so normal. i cant wait till richard and johnny come back. which reminds me my room is 246 and my phone is -0938. also lovely ladies of 303 well i hve some good news. sarah is under the impression yall are both already set upto live in 246 so we have agreed to tell the girl she is going to have find another room for second semester of coures in a really nice way. we have a plan so no worries. i miss everyone. it felt wierd not to go to 303 but wait till you see our new room! well gotta run. oh yeah jimmy the frosh comes tomarrow

Wednesday, August 18, 2004


In honor of the three bloggers who are going abroad, I have founded a new country, Chenglico.

Cheers, everyone!

I'm off to the mother land. Wish me luck. I hope the best for all of you this semester. Blog you later.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Things to Buy

Printer Paper
Laundry Detergent
Hard Drugs

Monday, August 16, 2004

being an international student

so i just wanted to again inform yu all that i am alive and well. also i wanted to wish natalie and andy good luck as they venture out to the countries of their choice....living in a nother country is really really fun....although sometimes very confusing and mostly ridiculous....i just finished with my first day of classes and all went well but there is so much crap to take care of and money tp spend....my sister owns a restaurant so i think we are going there for lunch which shuld be fun and my house and family are still amazing.....ps natalie i danced on a bar and a table in a club here called barcelona and the owner is now our best friend and we get a free round of drinks whne we go....dont worry rich it was not scandalous and other people were doing it...lol! ok so i will talk to you all soon....keeep me informed on whats new with you! i love you guys and miss you! adios!

In the Olympic spirit I thought I would try to set a new world record of my own:
So I dont want to be too presumptuous, because the day isn't over but it looks pretty good so far. This morning at 8:15 I came in for work and did not see anyone that I usually work around, so I just went into my office and closed the door. When I left for lunch I again didn't say anything to anyone, nor when I returned. Its 3:20 now, and I am hoping that I can make it the entire day without speaking to anyone in my office even once. Its a modest goal, but at least for this week its the most exciting thing i've got going.

PS: These are some of Andy's favorite verses for the Indian song. I thought we should all reflect on it, in anticipation of him becoming Chinese. (I know they dont rhyme or follow any rhythem whatsoever, thats part of their appeal).

Hey Mr. Indian
We Gave you blankets
You think white man nice
but the SmallPox is killing you.

Hey Mr. Indian
Sell me your land.
Here's some plastic beads
Now go die please.

Hey Mr. Indian
We killed your buffalo
Now you must
die or run a Casino.

Way Super Cool

hey ya'll. Jimmy and I are in Debbie's favorite state (which happens to be Holly's and my second-favorite -- get it?) so, things here have been awesome. Jimmy fell in the river the other day and the mister had to throw him a life saver (not the candy) so that he could get out alive. whew! see, he never had to take the swimming exam at school, so that's what happens i guess. well, things have been pretty uneventful other than that and the tucan that flew into my bowl of cereal this morning. well, i gotta go. i'm leaving for london on wednesday and there just isn't any time!!! aaah!

Hey Mister Indian

You're so stupid.
You have red skin
And you're dead.