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Saturday, June 19, 2004

Hugs and Kisses

for poor chocolate covered Debbie. Wish our crippled little camper a speedy recovery after breaking her wrist. Ouch! Feel better soon, Debs! Love you, love you!

Take me out to the ballgame

I'm going to a Fort Worth Cats game tonight. Hey, they're no Silverhawks, but fine by me.

New Identity

In an effort to see exactly how much I can get away with, I have assumed the name of Johnny Lacoste. Everyone believes it's really my name. Last night a girl wearing a la Tigre shirt started talking to me when she heard my name. It's like the Simpsons episode where Homer changes his name to Max Power. It's fun having a party name, I recommend you all try it.
Today is the big beer pong tourney at our house and I have taken the liberty of assigning everyone to a team:

--Jimbo and Jamie
--Natalie and the Groundhog
--Andy and his computer
--Holly and Smarty Jones
--Debbie and "Camp Friend"
--Johnny Lacoste and the Blog

Friday, June 18, 2004


why is there nothing to do....its friday night and i heard state is 18 and up tonite....can we please go? i miss log and k-town is boring! MAAAAAAAA....ok bye!

225 Bottles of Beer on the Wall

Thanks to bottle deposit programs, we turned 225 empty beer bottles into 24 bottles of Molson. Party on Wayne, and party on Garth.

Name that Movie: Part Deux

-- "How do you write women so well?"
-- "I think of a man and remove reason and accountability."

Name that Day!

In honor of proposing that we do more trivia because it makes for fun posting i ask.....does any one know what day it is today? Thats correct, its Friday! and that means the weekend for all of us...TGIF. But for the real trivia question: Can you name which song off the LOG/303 Mix CD did Holly hear live in concert last night? Ok Bye.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Name that movie!

Since no one responded to my small trivia question which was a comment on Debbie's fire marshall post, I will propose it once again. The line, which was slightly incorrect in the original comment, reads as follows: "Dear, sweet, adorable, chocolate covered [insert name here]". Hint: Julia Roberts stars in this film.

I Heart Mother Earth

Take a look at this sweet ride.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

out of contrizzle

oh my gosh i dont know if i can keep up. every time i looek there is so much going on. this is awesome! And its all good information and funny stuff. Everyone on staff thinks im so weird cuz i just bust up laughing at the computer screen. Seriously. everyone keeps aksing what the log blog is. and all i say is it is the coolest club in the world. only the priveledged get to be in it! oh yea! thats us! alrighti m iss you all!

"Jimandi Corp, How may I CORP you?"

A Google News search for Pope John Paul II may surprise you.

Corporate Fraud

Robot? I don't even know bot!

Britney's Tour Cancelled

She played with my heart and I got lost in her game. She's not that innocent because she cancelled her tour. And now Piddy and Nana will not get to see her show. That's ok, I heard she's toxic anyway.


Is that a robot?

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

World chanmopion

Holly bot s`ores point for calling to caongraulate me on my first NBA championship win tonight. Pistons are so seeet. I want to smoke up with Rasheed. Work is going to be absolute hell tomorrow, but such is life.

Did you know that non-LOGers visit The LOG Blog?

The LOG Blog is ranked sixth on a Google search for "curious george tayshaun".

It is ranked 11th on a Google search for "soap suds fountain prank".

It is ranked 14th on a Google search for "ndtoday".

Last, but not least, The LOG Blog is ranked 1st on a Google search for "debbie scrafford is hot".

Aren't you glad you're reading The LOG Blog today?

Yours truly,


Jimandi Corp. Gets Wired

Jimandi Corp., parent company of the LOG Blog, now has a home online at www.dotmarketer.com.

In terms of people-count,

Jimandi Corp. = 1/2 of LOG.

In terms of gross weight,

Jimandi Corp. = 2/3 of LOG.

Jimandi Corp. also = 1/4 of LOB,
and 1/2 of TLBBBBB:tBfLBBBB.

Oh! Me likey!

Did you guys catch that episode of Sex and the City? It was my favorite! You know, the one where Carrie models at the fashion show and becomes fashion road kill. And I'm so glad they decided to premiere with that one because my DVD with that episode got left in the DVD player which was put into storage and will not be seen until January! Thank goodness they started with that one!

Pink Champagne on Ice

The champagne is chilling, in anticipation of the Pistons victory tonight. After a few bottles, we are planning on tipping over some burning cars and shooting some heroin.

Sex Addicts...I mean Sex and the City Addicts

Sex and the City is to re-air tonight on TBS. Yall should check it out. I'll be watching.

Posting hits all time high

Not only have we surpassed the 200 mark, posting continues at a fast pace and the quality of posting and commenting in my personal opinion is peaking.....with posts such as "Yeah, Yeah!", "Fire Marshall," "Boney, Boney, Boney" , and "Peeder (the Real one)" the blog has never been more entertaining....well except for maybe when the Chief mariner and the VP of robotics accidentally and yet politely walked in during an episode of The Sopranos (hey by the way are they like in the mafia?) only to be shunned by other officers of the club. Their tirade of posts following that incident were pretty entertaining too i think (at least good enough to inspire a lob blog and the temporary inexistence of the log blog itself)......but either way keep up the good posts and thanks for the laughter you have incited while i sit at the receptionist desk of a french investment bank. Ok Bye!

Yeah, yeah!

Yeah, you'll bring your robot. I'll bring my robot. We'll all bring our robots. We'll have a whole stable full of robots. And then we'll program 'em. We'll program 'em good. We'll program 'em hard. Yeah, we'll program 'em everyday. And then, we'll get some heroine, and we'll stick it in our arms.

Fire Marshall

The question that Debbie has posed in regards to her official LOG title is of interest, notwithstanding the fact that she mis-punctuated it. The matter at hand is simple, and it is one that I believe you, Debbie, have already figured out. Put rather succinctly, it is obvious that Debbie should be our official fire marshall because she has on her hands a fire "head." The beauty of this is that the term "head" can be replaced with another choice word if desired. And Debbie, it is up to you, as official fire marshall to put this fire out.

Monday, June 14, 2004

Manic Monday

These are the days when you wish your bed was already made.

Peeder (the real one)

I just talked to Peeds on the phone. He is in DC, and does not have an African wife. He smoked a lot of weed in Africa. I told him Andy has dibs on Big T, which angered him greatly.

Boney Boney Boney

Congratulations to Nakul and Deepika, who gave birth to twins. Here is how Boney found out:

nakulsweb: Hi Boney
nakulsweb: we will talk a lot later today your time
nakulsweb: I have been busy with some personal stuff
nakulsweb: talk in detail asap
chowyunfatND: what type of personal stuff? I hope youre not an expecting father!
nakulsweb: wow
nakulsweb: you are good at guessing dude


I think it's about time that we all had official titles, now that we're an official club. LOG, that is.

Jimmy - Il Duce
Natalie - Chief Mariner
Johnny - Omsbudperson
Holly - VP of Robotics
Andy - Sergeant at Arms
Debbie - Fire Marshall

Sunday, June 13, 2004

The Pope Blog

Please welcome to our family the newest blog from jimandi corp- The Pope Blog, in honor of our beloved Pontiff. Email me if you want posting rights. And, in case you were wondering, I barely meet the height requirement to be in the Swiss Guard. Righteous!

Sorry guys

I can't believe how not checking on the blog for just a few days i have missed out on so much! 200 posts...we are awesome that is why! I will try much harder to help us make it to 400 by fourth of july!! PS...i went to the mexican consulate to get a student visa and i am now scared for my life to study abroad...so make sure you get to say goodbye to me before i go...hahaha...just kiddin....post to you later bloggers!

The Real 200th Post

Here it is! Let's try to hit 400 by July 4th!

Post #199

It is CC time over here at the LOGblog. Welcome to Post #200! Let's all celebrate!

Ha! You've been duped! The real 200th Post is here.

Post #198

This is a filler post.

For life is short but sweet for certain

Hey, we're almost at 200 posts. We should have a party. Mexican dinner to celebrate? Maybe a little Kings? I promise I won't mess up this time.

Mojitos and Pick-up Trucks

Last night I went to a party at my friend, Yvonne's house. It was so fun because she lives in a mansion and being there is truly living the life of the rich and famous. James and I went together, which you know is always a fun and interesting experience. That LB. After having a few mojitos, which I strongly recommend, I refrained from drinking so that I could be the DD. I drove James's huge truck home which was sooo difficult, but also a lot of fun. You know me, I love big trucks. I guess that was my one night of glory in Cowtown. Done and done.

Real Estate

Hey, this is my house. Where all the magic happens. I live in the furnished rec room in the basement. Had a pre party here then went to some house party that had a guest list and got in some how. Cops came, I ran back home, and received yet another reward for my bravery.

hello all

wow....the log blog is out of control. i love all the posting that is occuring. yall are awesome. so i met jamies parets last night. they were so nice. i had met his dad before but never his mom. it was just awesome to get to just talk with him and catch up. i miss yall and can't wait to see you all!