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Friday, August 13, 2004

Goings on

Camp is over, I still don't understand why people let us have ther kids for a week. @ kids sent to the hospital for stitches, but both returned. My favorite part was once all the families left and we realized we forgot to give back medicines. Lots of kids out there without their Ritalin right now. Tomorrow I go to PA for some time with the nieces and some white water rafting. Then it's back to C-bus for a couple days then off to ND. Bye.

PS - Welcome aboard Rich!
PSS - I got a job offer for after graduation!

hola amigos!

hey guys....i have a computer in my house that i cn use all the time...so dont lose heart....the posts will continue.....and dont worry richard, we do love you......i have so much to tell you all but i dont really have enough space or time to do so right now....i just wanted you all to know that my family is awesome....things are going good at school and day by day i am learning to be mexicana! ok bye for now....i love yall and miss yall....maaaaaaaaaaa!

Thursday, August 12, 2004


do our ads always have something to do with the Philippines? It's really starting to bother me. Go ahead and tell me that I'm so racial.

oh its just not the same

kansas is just not the same. i cant wait to be back at nd. which remidns me...when are the remainign log members heading back to campus? would anyone liek to do a cedar point trip with me? well its incredibly boring now that i have nothign to do but i am looking forward to seeing rich and johnny ina few weeks. in the meantime nat and jimmy have fun in texas!

Chickita China CHINESE Chicken, you have?

Allright, so I dont know if this "we want you to join the BLOG" thing was all a cruel joke. I mean it certainly seems like as soon as I joined, nobody else talks. Is this all some sort of plot, where you invite me to join this BLOG while you guys all leave and start your own new one?
If its not evident already, im really bored at work, so someone talk to me. Please. Thanks. Richard

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Filler Post

Well everyone, we haven't had a day without a post in a very long time, so I am making this post in the 11th hour to keep the streak alive.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Holly is officially Mexican

Hey all, I talked to Holly today, she is great. She's got internet access in her house, two sisters and a brother, a maid, her own room, etc. She lives 3 blocks from Monica and all sounds good. Needless to say its not the diahrea infested hovel that many feared. I on the other hand am still here in Houston working all day for free (people told me this was dumb), but I will be up to the Bend on the 21st. See you all there, John, save me a beer.

Monday, August 09, 2004

adios amigos

Hola mis amigos,
I am off to mexico en la manana and i just wanted to say goodbye to all of you officially on the blog.....i love you all and will miss you more than you know......i have had so much fun blogging and celling and visiting this summer and i am truly glad to have such good friends, the kind worth keeping in touch with! So i hope to continue blogging from my non communist study abroad country and will try to email too....so let me know what you are all up to this semester! Sorry for the all too sentimental and serious nature of this post, but every once in a while i feel the urge to be sincere and let yall know i love you! ok bye! vaya con dios loggers....wherever the next few months take you i will be thinking of you and dreaming about log reunion...woot woot!

Sunday, August 08, 2004

STATE Repeat

Last night my friend Natalie and I went out with her little sister, her sister's friend, and another friend visiting from Mexico. We went downtown for a bit but soon it was much too late for these young girls to be out. So we took them home and then it was time for the real party to begin. We went to this one club by TCU but it was creepy and not our style (maybe when the college kids get back in town?). So then Nat was like, "I went to this really ghetto club once on the Northside." Northside is where all the "browns", as Jimmy would say, hang out. So I was like, "I'm game." So we went and when we were at the door, the mister said it was $3 21+ and $10 if you weren't. Nat showed her ID and received two little "X"s on her hands. I handed the mister mine and held out my two little fists but he gave me a wrist band. I was like, "Oh, I wonder what they do for people who are older than 21." Then we went to go pay our cover and the lady was like"$3". I looked at Nat. Didn't the mister blatantly say it was $10 if you were under 21. Nat just said "Pay the $3." I was like "ok..." Then she said, "You're 21." I was like "What!" Ha! I did it again. I got a little rowdy, but not State rowdy, and we danced all night at the hot club. State repeat? I think so. Fitting I suppose since I "turn 21" in about a week.