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Saturday, June 12, 2004

LOG Member Receives Award

Yesterday, I was awarded the prestigious "Reciprocal FTP Award" I want to thank everyone, I could have done it without you.

Posting reaches all time low

I just went out for Chinese foor. Sweet and sour chicken. Pretty good. I finished reading The Five People you met in Heaven. I strongly recommend it, it explains the meaning of life. It is by the guy who wrote Tuesdays With Morrie and Fab Five. Party here tonight, everyone invited.

The High Life

Went to a bar last night and went into the club upstairs on accident and everyone was salsa dancing. I wanted to kill myself. Then I found the downstairs where I drank Miller Lite out of a huge glass shaped like a boot. Then we went some parties and got to bed around 7 this morning. Good times.

Friday, June 11, 2004

Happy weekend

Well, it's the weekend. I don't sleep anymore during the week, so this is great. Adam moved out tonight, and the hippie housemates went to Tennessee to some music festival, so it's just me and Kaz here. We're gonna have a party. If any of you show up, you can have a free cup. Just say you're with John E.


What happened to the countdown to Groundhog Day? That was one of my favorite things on the old blog. Can we find a way to get that back, please? Ok, bye! Everyone have a wonderful day!

Thursday, June 10, 2004

With the taste of a poison paradise I'm addicted to you.

Don't you know that you're toxic? Damn you Britney and your injured knee- dashing all my hopes to finally see you in concert. I hope you're happy with yourself. All I have to say is that you better be back on tour by July 31.

Personalized Brazilian Bikini Panty @ CustomizedGirl

Hey everyone! Take a look at this: Personalized Brazilian Bikini Panty @ CustomizedGirl.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004


After nearly 3 hours of housemate Monopoly, the game came down to a battle between me and Kaz. I was in good postition with hotels on purple and red properties, Kaz with hotels on pink and green. But when he picked up a monopoly on the orange properties and promptly added hotels, it was lights out for John E. Now it's bed time, as there is no doubt much more excitement to come tomorrow, what with the Pistons and everything.

Jimmy Turns 22!!!

Happy birthday, Jimmy! Now you're really a grown up!


happy birthday jimmy. i know holls posted about this wonderful da but i think it deserves a second posting. i hope you have a wonderful birthday and get extra rowdy for me! I wish i could be there to celebrate with you. definitely next year! i miss you and have a wonderful day


I would like to wish Jimmy 'Jimbot' Atkinson a very happy happy birthday on this june 9, 2004. And how might i remember this day you might ask? I like to think that it is because one day while trying to gain access into farley hall Mr. Atkinson informed me himself upon asking for his student code that his birthdate was easy to remember....'0609...get it holls....6-9...hahahaha' Boys will always be boys i guess....thanks for being one of ours jimbot, and have a blast today!

We meet again, Octopussy

Alas, all good things must come to an end. Part 9 of 9:

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Whatever will he do?

It has come to my attention that as the stanley cup has been awarded to the tampa bay lightning and our very own blogger james joseph atkinson has also just received a prize for his participation in the NHL hockey festivities as well, the sports season has come to an end for this avid fan. I asked this jimmy character once.....will there ever be a break in your schedule when you would give up the sports watching and be able to do something like get married or anything else of that type of significance without being distracted by your love for sports? he simply said....well there is football season in the fall, baseball in the spring, i think there was something in there about horse racing, car racing, basketball, and baseball, of course hockey and now is the time he gave for his short hiatus from sports....this blogger wants to know what will atkinson do in his spare time now that the thunder of the irish and many other college teams whose mascot does not include a color or an animal are at rest, the NBA finals that no one cares about are almost done, smarty jones has had his day, and the lightning are champions? Just wondering...ok bye

Ahh. Nuprin. Little. Yellow. Different.

Jimmy Atkinson Wins Stanley Cup

Monday, June 07, 2004

Feelin' Like a Monday but someday I'll be Saturday Night

Still lots of chinese food left, looks like General Tso's for lunch tomorrow. I was getting tired of Bill Ford's sandwiches anyways.


That's what Debbie wishes she were doing to her "hotter than hot" firefightin' camp boy. Debbie and Camp Boy sittin in a tree...


Hello All, i realized that i am more of a commenter on the blog than a poster so i just wanted to say hi and wish everyone a great week....my is off to a rocky start but we will see how that goes....wish LOG was in H-town. ok bye

And Just To Piss You Off...

Please welcome to the family our newest member: The LOG Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog: tBfLBBBB!

Sunday, June 06, 2004

How 'bout those Pistons?

Back from a weekend in C-bus...Sporanos season (series?) finale was underwhelming, but the Pistons game more than made up for it. Also, the rabbit named Steven Seagal drinking beer was cool. You had to be there. Game 3 is on Tuesday, here in Detroit, if anyone is coming, be sure to let me know.


Hi, everybody!

I just got back from Mexico. I went with my friend Brother David.

Things I did:
-smoked a Cuban Cigar
-got sunburnt
-bought a bottle of Bicardi for 12 dollars (!)

I did not of course go to any strip clubs because I was with a Catholic Brother and I wouldn't do that sort of thing anyway. Sorry, John E.

So when is the LOG Reunion going down? January?

And of course, as to not disappoint you all, here is picture 8 of 9:

nana mom's view of camp

so wehn nat took me back to camp we too k her mom wiht her. i now know where natalie gets her utter craziness. so we are driving through the county and she asks us if we are at the end of the world yet. now you may be laughing but it gets better. then we pull into our gravel parking lot and she says its a nice parking lot ( but obviously not serious) and procedes to say the horses right next to the parking lot give it a nice smell! yes comments like that prove na na's orgin of craziness. i love her mom though. did you know she still has a plant nat planted in kindergarden! Crazy huh! oh it was a great weekend and i had a nice heart to heart with jimmy about camp boy. i really do miss you all! Log is my true family