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Saturday, July 03, 2004

LOGblog: The Blog for LOG

can we reskin this site i am tired of this template. please.

also, clearly LOG's dead.

Google Search: groundhog posion

I just thought everyone should know that I checked the visitor statistics and I noticed that we got a referral from Google Search: groundhog posion. We come up fifth thanks to Debbie's misspelling. Way to go, team!

What's Harpening

Thursday was my first Gaelic Football practice, and it almost killed me. My professional debut is a week from tomorrow, as Detroit travels to Cleveland. Then the playoffs start, and we will likely be on the road, playing at Pittsburgh.

After practice we went out and drank until bout 5 a.m., meaning I was smashed when I got up to go to work around 6:30. I left work early and decided to take a nap around 4. When I woke up around 8:30, I felt refreshed and ready for another night out. Unfortunately, it was 8:30 am, and I had just finished sleeping for about 17 hours. Guess I was kinda sleepy.

Today is a big day, maybe a haircut and some shopping, and then hopefully some fireworks tonight.

Friday, July 02, 2004

Spotted - another ND collaborative Blog!

The Shrine of the Holy Whapping is maintained by five ND students on Blogspot's servers.

Their description:

"Catholic Nerds" at the University of Notre Dame share their thoughts on Catholic identity at ND, cultural reviews, and other musings (or "moosings," as the case may be) with the rest of the world.

They are seemingly more religious than our own LOG, although they are not into Groundhog-worship.

Your friend,



i dont know why andy was picked rotm but congrats. im sure i missed something but im happy for him. i did have a question. why isnt rich admitted into our club yet? i really think he would enhance it. other than that things are great at camp. last night was so fun. i ad a kid who had a huge crush on me wich was so adorable. today i was on the verge of tears saying goodbye to all the campers. even though it was a hard wweek it was also so awesome. i just love this place. also my lodgemate is much better. she just got released and is going to be resting today nd all week. please keep her in your payers. the camper is doing well as well but is still in the ICU so also keep her in your prayers. i am about to go to dallas with jaime fo the night i just really need a break from here :) what is everyone else up to? nat and jimmy i hope yall are haing fun


Look how that is spelled. Roommate. Not roomate. Okay, I am glad we got that cleared up. Oh, and a decision was reached about 34 hours ago. Please note the right sidebar under the section titled "Roommate of the Month." Thank you for playing.

Let me also be the first to wish everyone in LOG a most happy anniversary.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

rotm nomination

Like debbie said, there just wasnt enough time to fill out an application but i am taking this moment to nominate my roomie, debbie scrafford for june roomate of the month....i would say that she has proven herself worthy with efforts to spell right on the blog, even with a bad arm....she is also doing the most worthwhile job of all of us this summer and making a difference in so many lives.....also, though she was a busy lady and couldnt make all log events, she did cook so many wonderful meals and is by far the sweetest person any of us know by far....so on that note i ask the committee to consider a Ms. Deborah Ann Scrafford, of Wichita Kansas for the Loyal Order of Groundhog official june roomate of the month! Thank you for your time!

worst week of my life

okay so i just got done with the worst week of my life. i am so sorry i have not posted in forever. it has been crazy. this week was the cancer week. the kids were awesome but bless their hearts they ahd to deal with alot. in short my lodgemate had to go to the hospital on tuesday night adn then the very next day one of our campers had to be careflighted out to ft. worth. it was just high emotions and it was hard to put on a happy face when you are worried about someone you care about. today was aweosme though. we got good news and it was not the return of my lodgmates disease but scar tissue that caused the siezure so im so happy. she just has to have medicine. it was such a releif. the d ance also went also. anyway so that is my week in a nutshell. icant wait for the weekened. i miss you alkl and eagerly await roomate of the month decision. sorry i didnt submit an application. i just havent had time. i woudl say ill do it this weekend but i feek that is too late,. i trust the comnmittee. anyway i love you all and miss you

Get on it

Ok bloggers, if we think we are gonna reach our goal by sunday we better get on the ball with our posting here.....i think 25 posts in 3 days should be a breeze but i am just reminding everyone....and oh yeah....i guess LOG is not dead afterall....anyway....i think everyone will have great stories to tell over the course of the weekend with a 3 logger rendezvous in "la ciudad de los angeles" (imagine jimbot saying that in his best spanish tour guide voice), a wild party on cambridge in Ann Arbor, perhaps a reappearance of a certain camp boy, and various other independence day activities! Have fun out there buddies! miss ya and wish i was spending another american holiday in punxsatawney....after all they do put on a pretty good fireworks show if nothing else! WOOT WOOT! Ok Bye!

Wednesday, June 30, 2004


My daybook says I'm going to Los Angeles tomorrow. What's that all about?

Roommate of the Month Application

For the first time in LOG history, the Roommate of the Month Committee is accepting applications for this month's award. The application follows:

Eye color:

Essay: Why I should be the June Roommate of the Month (limit to approximately 150 words)

*note that there is a 6-foot tall height limit.

Please submit this application either as the body of an e-mail or a notepad or word attachment to logblog.committee@gmail.com.

The deadline is today, June 30 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Bill Lambier? I just met her!

Tonight I went to a WNBA game with my housemate Molly and some ND alums. The Fever won 69-68 on a 3 pointer at the buzzer. After the game I met ND grads Bill Lambier (the coach, and former Detroit Piston All Star) and Ruth Riley, who led ND to a national championship. Bill signed a shirt for me and I got Ruth's phone number, so all in all a good night.

Party here on the 4th, complete with a keg or two, beer pong, and beautiful people

Could we please...

burn this stupid blog to the ground?

Today is my half birthday.

Yay! Happy half birthday to me!

Have you seen this penguin?

I remember a time when I used to be a happy child. Moments such as these were not uncommon. My penguins and I used to be inseperable.

But one day, I awoke to a terrible surprise. Perhaps it was that I had been at the Derby too long. Or maybe I should not have accepted that kidney donation from Pac-Man after all. Whatever it was, I was feeling a bit nauseous. The loves of my life, my precious penguins, were missing. I was lost and had nowhere to go. I could no longer hide my shame. I was exposed as the fraud, the deviant as some may say, that I really was.

Days later, I received the most shocking news of all: the legendary Imposter was behind it all. The one who had befriended my Guin and I had turned to be our foe. Not only had he kidnapped the Guin, but he also had run off with my football and my prized hat. In the ultimate act of defiance, he wore it in an inverted fashion and cocked slightly off center.

Although I couldn't prove it at the time, I also suspected that this strange-looking fellow may have played some role in this affair as well:

In any case, the future of the Guin that I had sworn to protect would now be in the hands of my rather keen gumshoeing abilities. My goal was to find him at all costs. I was to take no prisoners.

To be continued...

The Bee

I would like to file a complaint. This is the complaint: the fact that a person is only eligable to be roomate of the month if they weigh less than 150 pounds. Jimbo explained the rule himself, saying "The rule is designed so only me and Natalie can ever be roomate of the month." I think any full member of LOG should be eligable. Although I will probably never win this award (being an SEO and all) I would like to think that it is technically possible for me to win even if I weigh over 200 pounds.

It should be said that Jimbo later corrected himself, admitting that the other two girls were indeed under the weight limit. I however still think this rule is unfair. It was clear designed to eliminate John E., Boney and The Bee from being chosen as roomate of the month and as such should be repealed. I also think we need to reform the committee, perhaps by rotating board members.

Monday, June 28, 2004

President and Pistons

Tonite i saw Farenheit 9/11. Somewhat biased, pretty funny, pretty disturbing. Tomorrow i am going to a WNBA game. But I am gonna hang out with Bill Lambier there, so it should be fun, maybe we'll play a little one on one or just fight.

PopeBlogGate: Jimandi Corp slandered by another blog!

I'm not sure if you all are sick of hearing about The Pope Blog's latest developments, but someone on another web site has authored a conspiracy theory involving Jimandi Corp and the Pope blog. As Jimandi Corp's PR officer, I was of course greatly offended. Here's an excerpt:

While the Pope Blog looks like the project of a student at The University of Notre Dame, a little more digging has revealed it is actually the work of a pair from Jimandi Corp - a marketing company - according to this article on PR LEAP.

Despite the fact that "A representative from Jimandi Corp stated that the company would not attempt to secure any revenue from the Web site" and the site is only inspired by an interest in the Pope, the cynic in me can't help but think this is a clever way of getting some exposure for their company.

The entire post is much longer. If you're interested, click here for the original post.

Warm Regards,


trying to keep up!

Well it looks like we just might make it to the 300 mark if we have a few more post outbreaks....I am trying to do my part, but it seems that after complaining that summer had hit its lowest and most boring point on thursday, things took a turn for the better and i had a great weekend, which it seems so did everyone else. I am jealous that boney got to see the grand canyon...i really want to do that....question though....why do the brothers have a zillion canaries? Ok so everyone should see dodgeball...i thought i wouldnt like it but it is pretty funny if you like any other ben stiller movies! What is everyone doing for the fourth of july? Well until i post again....talk to u later!

World B***** F***ing Week

A google search for 'ncalnd' shows the LOG Blog as the first result! The following is an excerpt from the second result (Scroll to the bottom).

NCALND - Annette Piner reported that the week of August 1st will be World Breast Feeding Week. Governor Hunt has signed a proclamation in recognition of this event.

Sunday, June 27, 2004

The latest song to be played on repeat in Natalie's CD player

can now be found on her ND webspace. Also featured are pictures of JimAndi in Fort Worth and Britney's cd, In the Zone.

A Good Thing to Tell the 'Rents

In response to the question "How many times have you been drunk?" a friend of my girlfriend, Elizabeth's, suggested, "Do you understand the concept of scientific notation?" Clever.

International Man of Maaaaaa!

I am back from Canada, a good old trip down Memory Lane. I slept in the room where I learned to walk (age 1), saw the road where I learned to drive (age 13) and even visited the spot where we learned to drink (c. age 14) The bagpipes were sweet and the nieces were a lot of fun, but the metric system and milk in bags was too much to handle. Glad to be back home. Now I'm going to bed for a few days. Bye.

Gig 'em Ags

I just returned from my weekend in College Station, Texas, home of the 12th man. It was mucho fun. I got to hang out with my girlfriends and see my friend Natalie's new house which would make all of us very jealous. Sure puts those dormitories to shame. We went to a few parties, a few bars, and visited some of my high school friends. I recovered some very embarrassing and incriminating photos from my friend Zac's house. Believe me, you would be ashamed to know me! Well, that was from my more rebellious days. I've turned over a new leaf and am a changed woman. I know all of you can attest to that because I led a very low key and unrowdy lifestyle this past year.


Hi everyone, It's your friendly neighboorhood SEO, Boney!

Boney just got back from Albuquerque. Fun times, the brothers paid for all my food and Brother Fran even gave me a 50 dollar bill! Since I was last at the motherhouse, the brothers added lighting to the mausoleum and adopted two dozen canaries which had some babies. We stopped at the Grand Canyon on the way back and let me tell you oh man that is one big hole in the ground, but seriously it was beautiful. Ok I love you byebye

Warmest Regards,


where are the posts

you know its wierd when i post twice before anyone else does. but then again i suppose it is the weekend. today we get a new round of kids. i am so excited. i have 12 year old girls which should be interesting. i seem to prefer the slightly younger ones :) i also drove a gator for the first time today! it went wonderfully. f cousrse i shyed away from the gator i actually crashed. other than that it should be a good week. oh nat i heard a really funny story about jshep last night from annie. i guess when he was little he was mad his hamster wouldnt finish an obstacle course so he took it and dropped it. his mom had to get the kids out of the housebecase he was so injuyred. what a crazy boy. annie was laughing so hard she could barely talk! well hav a wonderful sunday everyone