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Saturday, August 07, 2004

back to pancake land

yep im heading out back home this afternoon. i will dearly miss texas and all the wonderful people especially being so close to holls and nat. holly i will call you tomarrow at some point to say my goodbyes as you head off to become a true señorita! hope yall are having a wonderful day

Friday, August 06, 2004

Its 90210 all over again.

So I saw a VH-1 behind the scenes look at the TV show 90210. After like 7 seasons everyone in the show was getting tired of acting, and their audience numbers were falling fast. Basially everyone thought the time had come for the end of that great television epic. But then, out of nowhere comes inspiration in the form of Kelly Kapowski. Yes thats right, Tiffany Amber Theissen came on to play the saucy seductress. Well, in many ways I am here to do the same thing for LOG as Tiffany did for 90210. After months of secretly begging me to join LOGblog: The Blog for LOG, I have finally decided to grace you all with my presence. I look forward to long interesting conversations about whatever Holly is buying, Natalie is deleting, Debbie is breaking, Jonny is drinking, or Jimmy is...we'll who the hell knows what Jimmy will be doing.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

My last post

OK kids, tomorrow morning it's off to work and then from there I go to South Bend for Camp. So no posts for quite a while. Debbie, you're in charge while I'm gone. I'll talk to you all soon (via the telephone hopefully)

PS - we just watched Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle. It's pretty funny. I recommend it.

Nothing Happened!

Sooo, I didn't really get much sleep last night and I hit the snooze button about 3 times this morning before I actually got up. At work (I do boring computer stuff) one of the guys that is kinda my boss asked me to look up a certain shelf number for this book, blah blah blah, boring, a very simple task that really should not have been a problem. So I went to open this folder, but instead of opening it, I deleted it. Oh crap! I went back to my boss's office, "Uh, Daniel, I think something happened," I said with a nervous giggle. There was no way to recover it. Believe it or not, I actually found the whole thing kinda funny. But it really wasn't a big deal. I just spent all of my morning doing the work that somebody else did yesterday. Ehh. All in all, it was a very productive day in the office today.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

funny story

hey ya'll. i hwas on my way to work thismornig and i got here in 26 minutes flat, very good i think, and then i got here and i and i thought about ya'll a dn i just wanted to let ya'll know that i love ya'll so much and i think ya'll are aweomse.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

we did it

we finally made a goal. all summer we have tried posting a certian amount of posts by a certian time and finally we succeed. i think this shows the great bond we all have and how close we are all getting. have a wonderful day everyone


I think this is the 400th post. Any dissension?


Made my final presentation today, it went well, hopefully I will be offered a job on Friday, my last day. Is anyone going to be in South Bend this weekend?

Alright Already

I suppose it has been awhile since my last post and the fact that I don't even have one on this page is a little embarrassing. But I have been pretty busy. I finally have friends again. Elizabeth came up from Austin and Jess finally returned from that really dumpy state, what's it called, oh yeah, Kansas. And Natalie comes home from Mexico tonight. Also, I have been working like crazy at the most boring and menial jobs ever to be created. I have finally received my Hesburgh internship application so now I am freaking out about finishing it before I go in two weeks. I have to schedule an interview and have a list of possible sites, contact info included. So it's crunch time and if we were back at ND, you might even see me going to the libes. That's kinda scary since yall know I can't do that. But I am also very excited because Jimbot is coming to visit me before I go. So, in sum, there is a lot going on here. (Finally.) Ok, love you, bye!


so in effort to reach the goal by midnight here is a riddle for yall to try.....

if you speak my name, i no longer exist...what am i?

alright im off to cookout and then get all smelly then go stargazing at all the pretty stars out in the middle of nowhere


so in an effort to reach the 400 post goal i am also providing some random facts...for instance....today i bought the last item i needed for mexcio....it was a short white medical labcoat for my internship.....and not to be bragging or anything it sure looks hot! (i guess not as hot as the short skirts that are ever so often requested from 303 by jim and john bot, but lets just say i am well on my way to owning the largest molar in texas as jimmy so eloquently predicted in my side blurb! I am crazy, that is why. ok bye

ridiculous facts

so i had a little free time today and decided to look up some ridiculous facts....here is what i found......

33 is the number of words on the back of a rolling rock beer

3,000 is the number of shoes owned by Imelda Marcos, wife of Phillipines " President" (more like a dictator) Ferdinand Marcos.

elevators are the safest form of transportation

alright im out to antoehr activity in the hot and humid texas heat

last week in texas

well its sad to say but this is my last week in beloved texas and then im back to being a kansas girl. i cant beleive what texas has done to me. all of the boys need to come d own for an extended stay so they can also fall in love with it as much as i am. this week has been awesome. we finish on friday with a huge banquet which im sure i will be balling at and then im back home on saturday. holls when do you go to mexico again. we are all about to scatter but i cant wait till january. lets get rowdy

Monday, August 02, 2004

Goal of 400 by the 4th

It's good to see that four of the five LOGblog members are doing their parts to reach the goal of 400 posts by Wednesday. Good work, team. (Well, most of you!)

Since you saw me last...

Visited New Orleans
Learned to Waterski
Saw the Tigers win
Took up Rock Climbing
Went to New York
Swam in Lake Huron
Kayaked in the Hudson River
Watched a crash test
Painted the Rock at U of M
Saw the New York Yankees play
Met future Hall of Famer Bill Lambier
Saw a game at the Palace of Auburn Hills
Gambled in Windsor
Gained 10 pounds
Played Gaelic Football for Detroit vs. Cleveland
Rode the roller coasters at Cedar Point
Won $70 in scratchoff lottery tickets


On Saturday, there was a blue moon, the second full moon in one calendar month. The last time it happened was 2001, and it won't happen again until 2007.

happy anniversary

happy anniversary everyone. i just wanted to let yall know how incredibly special you are all to me. i am so glad yall let me enter the club even though i did not go on the trip and even though i was sometimes shady and hung out with jamie instead of going on randomn nights out. i love you all so much and have realized over the past few months how special you are all. i coudl not survive wihtout you. have a wonderful day. i love you all

Smary Jones retires

Sadly, Smarty Jones, the instrument of LOG's death, has retired. And I'm not talking about the wheels on his car. After making $7.6 million in the past year, he has gone on to bigger and better things, like becoming a stud. Bring on the Phillies, boys! ESPN.com - Horse Racing - Smarty suffering from chronic bruising

While we're celebrating anniversaries...

I would like to point out that it was on this date in 1934 that Adolf Hitler became Führer of Germany. His "Thousand Year Reich," however, came to an end in 1945, as he committed suicide in his Berlin bunker that was surrounded by Soviet troops.

strike up the music..

please read to the tune of pennsylvania polka....or the polksylvania pennsa, however you prefer:

Strike up the music, it has now been six months....maa maa maa maa,
that log has been together!
it started in february, and now it's august....maa maa maa maa
and we're still friends forever!
This song is corny, but i hope you have fun....maa maa maa maa,
when you are singing like a crazy,
cause everybodys wishes theycould be
a member of log from 303!

Happy Loguversary everyone!

We're gettin' rowdy!

We're gettin' real rowdy!

Sunday, August 01, 2004

X-treme Sports

Today I went water skiing. It is very hard but very fun. I am going to be sore tomorrow. % days left in Ann Arbor.

Six Months with LOG

Hey LOGers, I just wanted to thank you all for making these last six months the greatest six months of my life. Although we usually celebrate on the second of the month, it was on the night of February 1 that we were born. Happy anniversary, everyone!

ROTM acceptance speech

I would like to thank the committee for my award of roomate of the month. While i have this opportunity i would also like to thank a few people who made this award possible. First I would like to thank natalie and deborah for prompting and accomadating me in ft.worth when i flew to see them (which i am assuming is one of the reasons i got rotm?) I would also like to thank Joe Nathan for his inspiring workday emails, andy hagans for his constant reminders that log is dead, and james joseph atkinson the third for his late night texas/early evening california phone calls that sporadically kept me striving to be the best roomate i could be. I know by now the crappy music is playing to get me off the stage but i would like to take this last moment to thank the man who started it all......PHIL! That groundhog!

July Roommate of the Month

After careful deliberation, the Roommate of the Month Committee has selected Holly Pavlick as the outstanding roommate of 303 Farley Hall for the month of July 2004. Congratulations.