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Saturday, October 30, 2004


So kinda in honor of nat i decided ot be a fairy for halloween. its a pretty sweet outfit despite there is no short green skirt. what is everyone being for halloween. Holls tell me how dia de los muertos is. I bet there are goign to be lots of rowdy times for that. Does london celebrate halloween nat? oh and so we talked abour running wiht teh bulls the other day and i really want to go to spain now to watch it. anyone up for that?

Friday, October 29, 2004

Dead Horse

No, this post isn't about Smarty Jones, although there was a time when it would have been. How much longer can we keep beating this dead horse? We did all those things like a year ago. How many more times can we remember, relive, and reenact those things we did 10 months ago? I think it's time to be a little more original, people.

Thursday, October 28, 2004


jimmy why are you so hateful all the time.
Nat, i swear it wasnt my idea to let him on and i know he sucks at posting.
And to all, can we please do more interactive things like have elections so that everyone actually posts and responds to eachother. ok good thats what i thought. ok i love you bye.
And jimmy hopefully this post wont make you vom but if it does i wont feel bad, not one bit!
also i was wondering when the date of the next bbq on the quad and the first practice for bookstore bball was. please let me know!

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Breaking News

Rich Sucks

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Ban Rich Now

This post is to announce the official kickoff of the Ban Rich Now (BRN) Campaign. It is the opinion of the BRN Tribunal that Rich, who has not posted to the blog in well over a year, should lose his posting privileges. A survey has been drafted for the purpose of naming a new candidate to replace Rich to the Blogger Administration. All current and former LOGblog members are invited to participate in the survey, the results of which will be announced next Monday, on the first of November, along with the Groundhog of the Month selection. The survey appears below.

Who should replace Rich on LOGblog: The Blog for LOG?

a. a dead cat
b. Curt Schilling's sock
c. a piece of skunk meat
d. Jamie
e. a rock

Que puedo decir!!!!

what can i say....yu guys are tuly hilarious and my family here thinks i am crazy bc every time sit in front of the computer i laugh out loud at the blog. idont have a lot of time but i would like to point out a few things that make me happy.
1. the fact that johnnys trip to vegas cost 5 dollars....that is sweet dude.
2. the fact that the countdown is at 99.....are we going again or what?
3. the fact that on sunday i receieved a voicemail from na-na that was such a surprise....thanks girl and i am incredily sorry i missed it....how i would have loved to chat chica!
4. that debs got to go home for fall break and take a true break.
5. that my hermano is dying my hair green right now, yes i am serious. but dont worry its just a small piece....viva la mexico.
6. that i got to see my entire family and rich this weekend and everything was absolutely awesome......there will be plenty of pictures very soon amigos!
ok bye, for now, i am out like a groundhog....bye!
Love yall!

Monday, October 25, 2004


Wayne Gretzky, the interstate highway that runs north-south in Pennsylvania from I-76 in Bedford to I-80 in State College, bottles of beer on the wall, 99-cent stores, and now the current number of days left in the countdown. Here's to you, 99. What a number you are! And I would like to take this moment to congratulate time, that often forgotten fourth dimension in our universe, that unstoppable force that cannot be contained (unless you're travelling at light-speed). Without it, we never would have trekked from 365 to 99 so soon.


wow alot has happened in the past week. so i got to go home for break for the first time. It was quite nice and restful. :) nothing too major. I did get to work in the newborn ICU unit though for one day which was aweosme. THe babies were so tiny. It was so amazing to see how early they are able to save the babies. :)
so tonight we decided to go to niles and let me tell you i jumped and screamed so much. It was so much fun. i had a man wiht a chainsaw chase me. It sounded so real. Then a man wiht black and red face and body pierces sneak up and just start staring at me wiht his face inches from mine and a freaky clown in strobe lights chase me and so much more. I think we should all go next year! well i miss you girls and boys. o h yeah holls. Ian and Libby and Maggie were back this past week. They asked where you were and said i had to tell you hi for them! :) Ian also actually listened. :) wow i know! well hope all is well.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Whatever man.

Another week has come and gone in London. We had quite a few visitors since it's fall break at the home campus so that was a thrill. I went to go see the game at Sports Cafe, this bar near the classroom building, and they always show our games. And guess who I randomly saw there. But Kelly of course. And I made a fool of myself. It was round three of Long Islands and I thought my 5 pound note was a 10 pound note so that created all sorts of issues. Basically I was having problems and Kelly probably thinks I'm an idiot. Well I'm out. Bye, dudes. Hope you had fun on break/at wedding/whatever.