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Saturday, September 11, 2004

Woot Woot

Hello loggers, you all really never cease to amaze me. today after a night of complete rowdiness and drunken street vendor "please dont let me get sick" mexican stlye hotdogs with my hermano mexicano and one unsuccessful visit to the only irish pub in town to see the game, we found our way to a sports bar to watch the irish kick michigan tushie! the people there were so enthralled to see our cheering and singing of alma mater skills that the tequila was on them. we even put up people for pushups including this guy int he bar who bore a strange resemblande to horatio sanz from snl. but the best thing that happened this whole time was when the students section rushed the field and clear s day i see rich's head immediately followed by a tall sort of blonde hombre carrying an irish flag and running like a maniac throught the stadium with another dark haired character of almost the same height! yes, it was johnbot and jimbo and at that moment i was so overwhelmed with pride and happiness i just cant blog it. Thanks for making my day once more.....debs i hope you were out there to girl....so sorry icouldnt have beent there with you guys, but know that i was sure thinking about you. Looks like the irish have fans all over the world now too, bc the men in the bar are now avid fans...lol. tlak to you all soon!Love hollbot

Whoa! Check this out!

You can just call me Papa Cal Slither.


It's 20:13 here and we're getting ready to watch the game. Way exciting. Wish I were there, but, eh, what can you do? Maybe on the way back. Have fun you crazy kids. Oh yeah, and save me some of that Mexican dinner, ok?

Friday, September 10, 2004


I haven't posted in a while because a few days ago I created what may have been my best post ever, but how can you really judge, they're all so good. Well, anyways there were some publishing complications and it failed to post on the blog. Dejected, I have not found the will to attempt a repost. I will later reveal my happenings in a post that I hope will be as good as the one that will never see the blog.
Well you guys have fun back at ND. I know it's not the same without me, but try to have a good time. I mean, really, there's no use in just moping around. Go out there and have some fun.

4:30 am EST

and jimbo and i just broke into the dining hall. the door was unlocked. craziest thing we have ever done. no time. bye

Thursday, September 09, 2004

my inbox

hello all, i am still alive and well here in mexico and absolutely loving it. i am also loving it that debs loves me enough to tell me her exciting news and jimmy if this isnt my inbox then you should send me some real mail to my real inbox because other than johnbot, log hast been doing a good job of filling it up....maaa...anywho i was just writing to inform you all that if you need an excuse to get wasted next thursday, tell people its mexican independence day and be extra rowdy for me! i will be in acapulco on a white sand beach drinking a pina colada if all works out as planned!
Debs-congrats on 6 months with james
John-nice work on the nose brace decision, although i hope you ave pics so i can share in the ridiculousness of it all
Rich-why did we invite you again bc you never post
Nat-donde y como estas?
Jimbot-why the grouchiness, you love the blog dont you? have fun at the game!
Done and Done!
Miss yall bye!

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

hello all....well this has been a good week. monday was jamie and my 6thmonth so we are actually going out tonight to celebrate. other than that my ears rejected the stainless steel earings so i just switched them out. they say not for 6 weeks but i figured the hole wouldnt close in a matter of minutes. so far that is looking good. oh and sunday i wnet to the village to teach holls and my class. wow holly the kids have grown. elergy has blonde hair and is talking and running around. beady is just beuatiful nad so grown up. and everyone else looks aweosme. andrea said hello as well as beady.:) oh holly guess who is coming for my birthday! SARAH CHRISTOPHER!!!! how crazy is that. she imed me the other day saying she had already bought tickets to nd. and hse is coming wihtout jarrett! woohoo. oh also i talked to sr. c and she said she loved my idea of having eileen live wiht eli so i think that will work. She just said to come after fall break to solidify that. well ladies i miss you but it sounds like yall are having a blast. jimmy i will see you friday

Queen Mad

My day began with class, as usual. After class I walked down Parliament Street for my day of work. Upon arrival, I was informed that arrangements had been made for Bim, another temporary intern on his way to Oxford, and I to attend Question Time. This is a time in which MPs (Members of Parliament) debate various issues in a very informal and often comical manner. After jumping the especially long que (line) and flashing our passes, the guards let us in, much to the dismay of the onlooking tourists. We whipped right pass them and into the House of Commons. Issues such as constitutional affairs were discussed and a debate over Iraq followed. When Bim and I were leaving, it was as though he were loitering in the lobby area. I asked him if he was ready to go and he told me to not turn around. I was like ok.... Then he told me to slowly turn around. "You see that man with his wife right there. That's Hans Blix." The UN weapons inspector, duh. I was very excited because who gets to see stuff like that everyday?
After work I walked to Shakespeare's Globe Theatre to see a performance of Romeo and Juliet for my theatre class. The play was especially good, although it was long and we had to stand the whole time because we were the unfortunate groundlings. All and all, this was a very exciting day for me and I would be surprised if others could live up to it.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Dr. John E.

I got tired of my nose brace today so I ripped it off. It did look pretty ridiculous, as Rich pointed out. Just finished practice as the football coach for Howard, very exciting. Thursday, Mikey and I begin our run for the campus horseshoes championship. Last night I went to Club 23. So pretty much business as usual here. Maaaaaa!

Monday, September 06, 2004

Happy Labor Day

Does anyone else find it amusing that out of all of us, I am the only one with the day off today? See, in America, it's Labor Day. So, wish me a good one, everybody. Thanks. And you Notre Dame kids, I'll see you Thursday night. Okay, bye.

case of the mondays

so apparently monday sucks no matter what language you are speaking or what country you are in, bc school unfortuantely is school annd the homework you didnt do bc you were gettng rowdy all weekend must get done....but i must say that reading the blog just now, with its many new, exciting, and quality posts just gave my monday a sudden burst of happiness and i thought to myself, dont worry, someday youll be a saturday night. so thanks for that guys.
in other news----way to go piercing the ears debs.....you wild child you!
feel better john and good work on the 9 enchiladas------nat i love that we both went to places called el tigre......i think its because we are practically the smae person-----and andy niuce post buddy.....goood luck in china buddy----jimbot....who knows but i hope you had a good time on loguversary with your shirt! i miss you all and when i have some more time will tell you about my ND paid for trip to cuetzalan and our encounter with a witch doctor of sorts, medicine making, market bargaining, ruin climbing and $2 tequila with squirt! until then i miss yall and hope your weeks are off to a great start!

From London

Hey all, I'm glad to hear that things are relatively well on the homefront. Things here are going well. This weekend we went to see Stonehenge, and talk about some old rocks! That was a little too exciting for me so we didn't stay long. We then went to Bath, where they have many of the ancient Roman baths. This place was much more exciting. We spent our entire day looking for this restaurant that Jimmy was ranting and raving about. He said, "It's right there. You'll just see it." After many hours of a futile search I asked a woman at a grocery store. "Go past this building and through that tiny secret passageway and you'll find a courtyard. Go through it and off of there you'll find the smallest, narrowest street in Bath. It should be right there." So we finally found it and, boy was it worth the wait! You should ask him about it sometime. Well I'm off to the theatre. Take care!