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Saturday, October 09, 2004

news from china man

I had the utmost pleasure of talking to andy last night and he showed me pics of his life in china. check this one out. its rather scary if you ask me :

Friday, October 08, 2004

Zeppelin Sighting

Fellow LOGers, I sighted this spy blimp out my office window just moments ago. I'll let you draw your own conclusions.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

New Technology

Good news, there is now a new way to stay updated on my zany actions and general hilarity. I am proud to introduce to you the 107 Keenan Website. I think you are all going to like it more than you are letting on. Don't forget to sign the guestbook!


Hey, remember that time I got kicked out of the 'Backer? Holly and Natalie, welcome back to Blogville.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

sooooo....how are things?

Things are good, things got weird, you never called.....well actually what really happened is i have been busy as hecka t school and traveling and being rowdy and the computer at my casa has been misbehaving so i havent benn able to read or add to the blog. To my utmost pleasure i was able to to access it today and read all of oyur splendiferous postings to which i say:
Nat-your list of bests definitely makes me a little sad i couldnt go to europe too, not gonna lie and your list of worsts just makes me laugh at you and want to jump on the futon with you and stare at our bp neighbors and do all the ridiculous things we do
Debs- i am so proud that you are roomie of the month....it is as it should be. and thanks for handling the room sitch....we cant wait to hang out with you in january! ps dont fall off any horses and do weird things to your knee....jimbot and i wont be there to take you to the infirmary ok
John bot and jimmy.....as usual your humorous wit has left me speechless and missing oyu like always......can we please all do something togteher again soon?
Alright loggers, i know this is long but who knows when i will be able to blog again. I miss u all but am glad to hear that things are more or less going great for all. Things here are still utterly amazing, i really think i could live here and it is absolutely beautiful! I will tell all my adventures some other time......the only problem i can really see is that this country does not recognize the most important day of our and phils life, groundhog day that is....i will see what i can do about that....in the meantime.....you got it.....i am out like a groundhog!

Monday, October 04, 2004

The Best/Worst Week Ever

going to Venice, gondola on the canals, gelatto, pasta, wine, Cinque Terre, our friends Marco and Paulo, meeting Conrad who saved us from a "worst" with his pocket knife (see below, first worst), hiking through all the villages, cute old Italian men, really good pizza, "our" bar, playing cards every night (13 of course), our bar lady, going to the beach, cute naked babies, not cute naked old people (oops that's def a worst), getting kisses from our Italian waiter, red Italian shoes, going to the Vatican, inspiring an Italian poet to write a poem about us, more gelatto, climbing up into the dome of the Basilica, restaurant with a view of the Collesium (btw, I don't believe that that's really that old. i just don't believe it.), finally making it back to London alive

breaking the key and getting locked out of our hostel, staying in dumpy hostels in the middle of BFE, creepy stalker man on night train, night train, train station, trains in general, train stations in general, getting caught in the door of a train, losing a member of our group on a train, people who can't read train schedules, stinky Europeans, stinky Europeans in metros, buses, and shuttles (ie all modes of transportation other than walking)

Up in the air:
showering in a cave on a public beach?

I'll send out a more detailed email soon. And Katie and i have about a million pictures of everything which I will try to put up soon. Love you, ok, bye!

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Deep thoughts

If you haven't done it lately, take a few minutes out of your otherwise busy lives and watch the LOGumentary. Thanks.

Groundhog of the Month

Known formerly as "Roommate of the Month," the Groundhog of the Month Award for the outstanding groundhog in LOG during the month of September goes to Debbie Scrafford, mostly for coming up with the phrase "out like a groundhog." Congrats!