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Saturday, June 26, 2004

hello all. well my friday was interesting. i aam considering just sleping all day fridays from now on torevent myself from getting hurt. i woke up with a mild eye inecion that proceded to ooze trouhpout the da. it was pretty paiful. i did manae to et a nice dinner though and see the notebook which just might beat out a walk to remeber. it was very good. today has gone really well. this week is cancer ad the docs and volunteers are awesome! how did everyone elses weekends o?

Friday, June 25, 2004

meeting my quota!

In order to comply with nats suggestion of a post per day, which i feel is a wonderful idea as well as the new goal of 300 posts, i am posting to say hello. I was sorry to see that my predictions of everyones weekends were so off but it sounds like they are better than what i thought anyway, so have fun loggers, whatever part of the country or world you will be in! Debs i an going tonight to see "The Notebook" tonite with my girlfriends, i think you should too because it looks like our type of movie. In other news, Rich's little brother tommmy (age 6)guessed my age to be 15 last night....i havent decided if it was a compliment or not = ) Then he asked me if i ever had braces and said that he might wait 6 years to get his so that i (hopefully an orthodontist or whatever by then) could make sure he got hot pink braces, he informed me that this is the cool thing to do right now and that even boys like pink.....a boy after boneys own heart! OK BYE

Thursday, June 24, 2004


Tomorrow I go to the cottage in Canada, where Boney and I began our abuse of alcohol many summers ago when we stole whiskey (I think it was whiskey) and got a little drunk. All the fam will be there, and my sister will try to hide her significant limp (caused by a motorcycle crash) from my mom. Should make for some good drama!! On Saturday hopefully is the bagpipe parade, also known as a marching orgasm.

It can't possibly get any more ridiculous... can it?

Fresh off the heals of receiving permission to reprint articles from the VIS (official Press Office of the Holy See), the Pope Blog has been named site of the week by CathNews. Notice they got my name right!

Your best buddy,



The Pope Blog - thepopeblog.blogspot.com/
At risk of this issue of CathNews sparking a severe outbreak of popolatry in the community, we bring you news of The Pope Blog. (We actually chose this site review some days ago not knowing today's news would have two major stories from the Pope.) It describes itself as 'unofficial news and information about His Holiness, Pope John Paul II' and is put together by Boney [I bolded 'Boney', not them - Ed.]. Tastefully done and reasonably up-to-date, it is a useful blogsite if you want to quickly find out some of the major issues being discussed by the Pope. Includes helpful links on the front page to other Pope sites.

Click here if you think I'm making this up.


I feel that we should revise our goal of 400 posts by July 4 to 300 posts. I think that is a much more reasonable goal. We are almost there! Just remember, we must all do our part to contribute. I think a personal goal of 1 post a day would be very reasonable and easily attainable. That will surely help us reach our goal. Good day.

No Bull!

I opened the Star Telegram today to find out that Fort Worth, or Cowtown as some call it, is the nation's 20th largest city. The city's population is now at 585,122. It is the fastest growing city at a growth rate of 8.1% from 2000 to 2003. Six of the 25 largest cities are in Texas including Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth and El Paso. Houston is number 4. California has 4 cities in the top 25 and no other state has more than one in the top 25. Clearly, bigger is better.

Kids say the darnedest things!

You're pretty short for a college girl was the first thing these 2 nine year old boys said to me when I walked in the door. Other interesting tidbits:
Give a nice looking army man some privacy as Max changed into his camo outfit.
Can you teach us how to fly on a broom? Does that mean that I'm some sort of witch or something?
Can we vacuum you? in response to my Are you guys vacuuming that room yet?
Well that's boys for you.

a newcast

hello all so yesterday i went t get my new cast. the hospital is n a really tiny town so there was no choices of colors of the cast so i got a white one. the good thing is that is really small. it comes up about halfway up my arm! i can move my elbow again! my arm is pretty sore but healing. i get the cast off in a month. last night we camped outside with the little girls. no sleep whatsoever. i had take people back or to the restroom or console some poor scared child. it was alot of fun judt exhasuting. i also sang im falling in love by jessica simpson today in front of all the campers. very funny. well i hope you all hav wondderful weekrnd.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Wednesday...woot woot!

In an effort to change the subject of the blog for a little while.....I am wishing everyone a happy humpday! Woot! Woot! we are almost through the week which for us workers is a good thing, Debs gets closer to the weekly dance at camp and a break on saturday, jimmy and hagabot get closer to more time spent on the california beaches i presume, i get closer to laying in the sun by my pool and other fun things, johnbot will get to be legal in canada and spend time being a wonderful uncle gus gus, and nat gets a little closer to getting to visit the boys in LA! Just wanted to remind everyone of happy thoughts...miss yall and love yall! Holbot-done and done!

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Unofficial who?

How in de hell? I did not sign up for the URFC. eww! Those letters don't mix at all.

The Pope Blog update

For all of you who laughed at the Pope Blog, I would like to update you on its status.

1.) The Pope Blog has received an average of 200 unique visitors per day since it was started last Monday.

2.) The following is an excerpt from an email I received from the Holy See Press Office (VIS - Vatican Information Service)

Dear Andy:

VIS is glad to be a source of information in your publication http://thepopeblog.blogspot.com ...

VIS is the only Holy See Press Office bulletin transmitted via e-mail. It covers a synthesis of the Holy Father speeches and activities, Holy See Press Office press releases, activities of the Curia Romana, audiences, etc...

Thank you very much again for your interest.

Looking forward to having news from you soon.

The VIS team wish you an excellent day,

José-Miguel Chavarría


Rich, you bastard, I hope you read this post. There is way too much pro-Rich stuff being posted lately. Can we just change the name of this PoS Blog to "The Unofficial Rich Fan Club" already?

Oh, and I hope you choke on a chicken bone at dinner tonight.

Your friend,


holy cow

wow again i go a day without posting and an explosion occurs. okay here are my thoughts. i dont understand why rich cant be let in. i mean as holly pointed out he is the very reason we know jimmy, johhnny and andy. also any time we looked for a good time he aws there to provide and more often than not pay for it! plus he did live in our room first semester. and even second he always checked up on us through holly. he did all the log events in heart. just cuz he was in spain doesnt mean he wouldnt have jumped at doing all of those acvtvites. and screw the texan problem. after my time here thisd summer i am considering myself part texan so that reason falls. and as far as kicking someone else off well thats just mean. whats wrong with making our club bigger. rich will all the activies from now on snyesy! i see no reason he shouldnt be admitted. i know you all love rich as much as i do. i strongly vote for rich!

Monday, June 21, 2004


Hello again all....Had i realixed the stir i was going to cause within the members of LOG BLOG i may have never proposed the addition of Richard to its ranks.....but at the same time i feel that it has helped to give us a great start on our track to 400 posts....nevertheless, i think it is important to realize one more very important pro of the third james as you say: he is truly the one person who brought us all together....an to spare us all the embarrassment this is a lot of relationships and syr dates and hoopala and events that would never have happened without his existence....so although he may have been absent during the formation of log, he may very well be the spark that ignited us......or maybe this is all crap and i wouldnt let anyone else into log either so we will see hoe it goes....maaaaaaaa ok bye....just thought i should stand up for him though.....and nat i am working on the pics dont give up on me!

Like I said...

There's already too much testosterone-driven posting on this blog as you can see from the 3 posts below. If you could only see me rolling my eyes now. Save stuff like that for the Blog Blog. Maybe Rich could join that one.


As a great man once said, "We need a more permanent solution to our problem." I suggest each week we vote off a member of LOG and remove blogging privileges. They can still make comments of course. There is no real benefit, but a lot of people will have their feelings hurt and get angry. Good luck everyone.

First elimination: Saturday, 2 ET.

Vote 'NO' On Issue Rich

This advertisement was paid for by the Reform Party of the USA.

Even better idea

How about we let Rich in but kick someone else out? They wouldn't be out forever, just a month or so. Then they could come back in and someone else would leave. And yes, I realize that I might be the first to go. But I feel like I have a stellar posting record as well as some quality stories, so I'm willing to take my chances.

Blogging Out Loud

The feminist in me and the Texan in me are torn. I do think, however, that the feminist prevails. Rich may be able to understand where I am coming from since he has taken so many feminism classes. The fact that he has taken these classes, though, does not persuade me. He has proven time and again that he has a very limited amount of confidence in the female sex. Furthermore, from LOG's earliest days there has always been equal representation between the sexes. Even with the addition of its fringe members it maintained this precedence. On the other hand, Rich is a fellow Texan, as Andy pointed out, and this could lead to our even greater influence. But then again, we already hold the majority in terms of geographics with Debbie's newfound affinity for the Lone Star State. But, again as Andy pointed out I could see some humorous postings coming from that Richard. But, then again, he didn't go to Punxsutawney or was subject to the various Groundhog rituals that ensued. As you can see, there are various arguments that can be made for Rich's admittance or rejection. Therefore, in the tradition of so many elections that took place on Our Lady's campus, I abstain.

Special Election

Proposition 1: Rich Admission Act of 2004

Proponent: Holly Pavlick

Grants James Richard McIver full membership to the Loyal Order of Groundhog (LOG) as well as full posting rights to LOGblog: The Blog for LOG.

Vote yes or no.


At long last, we are on the eve of the Death of LOG. I predicted long ago that the return of The-Third-Who-Is-Named-James would rip apart the seams of our noble fellowship, or at the least transform its nature irrevocably. Now let us discuss the pros and cons of entering a Seventh into the Loyal Order of Groundhog. The LOG Blog is nothing if not a public forum to discuss a person's foibles.

I'll start:

PRO - A seventh member may provide opposition to the Committee's tyrannical reign.

CON - Rich is on the Crew team and you all know my feelings on that.

PRO - There is a remote chance he MIGHT post something halfway interesting sometime.

CON - The letterhead up top would go onto the second line again.

CON - LOG would be heavily concentrated in Tex-as.

CON - Do we even know this is Rich? This could just be Holly weaseling her way into a second username.

CON - Rich is neither a member of LOB nor of Jimandi Corp. Where does he fit in?

CON - Rich is always making anti-semitic jokes.

PRO - Rich tells funny jokes.

PRO - He does meet the height requirement to be in the Swiss Guard (Rich, have you seen the Pope Blog?)

CON - He is a Hassidic.

CON - He thinks Harvard is cool.

What does everyone else think?


While i was blogging last night, a Mr. James Richard McIver III seemed slightly upset that he could not be a part of the log blog and its festivities. I am inquiring, i presume to the commitee (about which i often feel the same sentiments as expressed in a previous post by mr andrew hagans), if he might be admitted as a full fledged member of LOG with access and posting rights on the log blog? As Vice President of Robotics i sincerely feel that this addition would not hinder the LOG, rather enhance its productivity and amusement, and even help us to achieve our goal of 400 posts by the fourth of july, 2004. Ok Bye!

Sunday, June 20, 2004

What's that smell?

That's what I asked when my mother and I pulled into our gargage the other day. I thought it smelled like weed. My mother said it must have been Linda, who is our dog. I was pretty impressed by her quick witty response. I was also surprised that she even knew what weed was. She is a little naive, if you will. This, therefore, leads me to believe that it was my mother who was at fault for the strange odor in the garage. Hmm...


yes the rumors are true. i did snapy wrist in half! well friday i was picking up luggage for the campers and was rounding a curve.i made the curve fine but then could not correct the curve quit quick enough and clipped a pole which sent the gator in a quick turn in the opposite direction while my right hanmd was ion the steering wheel so you an imanine that my wrisy did not survive. it was a classic bent out of shaoe almost bone protrusion break. the good news is i only broke the radius and it is currently set. i go for a cast on wed. the bad nes is ittakes me forever to type with one hand so that is why my posting might suffer but i will do my best. oh and the really swee thing jaime ded is drve two hours to make sure i was ok for 10 minutes before he haD TO TURN AROUND AND drive back to camp. also i did a randombn trip and went to dublin texas yesterday afternoon to see the last dr peppr factory that still uses realsugsar i will have to show you puicks. ok miss you all

Ninja bot Destroyer? But she's fat!

Bot! Watch out Bot, there are ninjas out to destroy you!

Windsor? I just met her!

Yesterday we pulled off a huge bbq/pong tourney, kicking a keg in just a couple hours. Then it was Windsor, which is actually not that much fun. We made it back to America by 4 and I got to sleep by about 7 a.m. The last 2 weekends, I have slept in my own bed 0 times.

Also, I can confirm that I did indeed dunk on someone's head. And yes, i did FTP last night.

So what's this LOG thing I keep hearing about?

I'd like to lobby that we put up a second picture under the one on the right - one that has me and debbie in it. after all we are full members of LOG. I am sick and tired of jimbo and natalie prancing around like they run the place, ooh look at us, the committee, we're so cool and ao sexy.well i have news for you: SEO and kansas are sexy too!!! let's stop all these divisive politics and put a new pic up with all six of us, ok? I don't know what I ever did to you two to deserve this, unless it was talking bad about you behind your back all the time, or maybe the time i stole 20 dollars from natalie's purse and peed on jimbo's pillow. i say let bygones be bygones.

Oh and also, John E. is too bashful to brag about it, but the other day he was playing basketball with a regulation height hoop and he made a backwards slam dunk. Nice Work John E.

to recap: Boney requests new pic with the entire 6, Johnny's black.

Warm Regards,


new cellular

hello all......i just wnated to announce my first step towards becoming more technologically advanced (well that is after discovering that one could comment on log blog posts i guess)....i got a new cell phone (i thinks it the same as yours na-na)....same number though so please keep calling and making my day....johhny wins the prize for being first call received when he called in a drunken stupor asking me to find him mapquest directions from cambridge street in ann arbor to windsor canada...i did it and lets all hope he makes it there and back in one piece! miss yall!-holbot