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Saturday, July 31, 2004


Congratulations hollbot...I could not be more proud of you. I knew you would get it! You are the best. If only we could be together today to celebrate your special award! Congratulations once again

Swimming Pool

Good news everyone. TiVo recorded Swimming Pool a few nights ago and last night I watched it. Johnny, I didn't think it was that bad. Actually, I liked it quite a bit, more than I am letting on in fact. Maybe it was the cinematography, maybe it was the musical score, maybe it was the twisting plot, maybe it was getting to see Charlotte Rampling and Ludivine Sagnier naked. I'm not sure which was the reason I liked it so much. But I did. I think it should make the list of LOG movies to see. You know, on the futon with the lights out and such. Okay, see you all in January. Until then, happy swimming!

greatest joke ever

so i read natalies earlier post and seriously wanted to die. i thought i really had hurt one of my dearest friends and didnt know how i would make up for it. then i called her and found out it was a joke. my heart lept back into place. boy that was a close one. i thought it was going to be like when the boys left us for the derby. granted i shouldnt have gone to dallas over ft. worth. i hate dallas. way too busy. ft. wroth is better. but it was the last night with camp folks. it was fun though although i missed my dear natalie., well im gladd all is well now and i mis you all more than im letting on. i dont want to believe that 303 wont be there next semester. january is going to be the funnest month ever. well i love you all so much

woot woot

Nat, while i am heartbroken to hear that my na-na is feeling dejected, my johnbot has syphillis, my debs is mia in dallas over fort worth, and my jimbot, well i guess hes the same as usual.....i must say that your holly joy is celebrating....my last day of work that is....i am a free woman and am already enjoying it.....so thanks for hanging in there with me while i was boring all summer...maybe now i will stay up late and blog for you all.....in the meantime i miss you guys and i am not just being sentimental.....i do and for all the dejection that is around right now....ther will be just as much partying and jubilation and rowdiness (quite possibly more) when we all return in january....and dont think you arent coming to the bend in the spring bc theres no football bot.....you have another thing coming....WOOT WOOT...ps did you all realize that there is a mere 185 days til GHD 2005? come on....what more do we need to smile about!

Friday, July 30, 2004

Never have I felt more dejected in my life.

You may have noticed that Debbie asked in her Wednesday's "Whoo Hoo" post, "Nat what are you up to Friday?" I was so excited to see Debbie one last time before I move to another country, not to return until Christmas. Yesterday we spoke and she told me that she was coming to Fort Worth and I was very excited to finally have a friend here. (It's been a pretty lonely summer.) All day at work I thought of all the fun things Debbie and I would do-- talk about boys, go shopping, eat ice cream, maybe have a pillow fight in our underwear. While at work she told me that she was going to see a movie at Sundance Square, a local theater. Although I could not join them, I came home to an email from Debbie that talked about Starbucks and dinner. Boy, was I excited! So I've been waiting by my phone all day, carrying with me everywhere I go, just waiting for that phone call. Then, 10 minutes ago, phone in hand, it beeps. Missed call! Impossible! I listen to my message. She went to Dallas?! She was in Fort Worth and didn't even see me. I am so sad. I'm going to go cry now. Another lonely night, only this time it's much worse. I had such high hopes for this evening with one of my best friends, hopes that have been dashed away.

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Oh my!

I just wanted to alert everyone to the fact that syphillis, herpes, and gonorrhoea have all been mentioned on the LOGblog this week. Twice each.


Today there was a letter for me from the American Red Cross:

Dear Ms. (sic) Johnston,

Thank you for your recent blood donation...When we tested your blood, we obtained some inconsistent results...When we first tested your blood we obtained a result that suggested that you might have an infection with syphilis, or that you might have had this infection at some time in the past.  However, when we conducted additional tests...the results indicated that there was NO indection.


Guest Post

I swear, this is an email I received from Peeds today:

"Ghetto cowboys,I made it out of the joint last night at 8PM after being held since 9PM thenight before.  Jail time is fucking miserable, though I had some productiveconversations about race in the US with the numerous dope dealers doing timewith me.  I'm out and content and telling the story at work, they're stuckthere for a lot longer.And I made it onto the evening news, though I haven't heard about ESPN yet. Orioles game rained out, and a very drunk Michael was pressured by his date tojump on the field and reminisce about his youth by slip 'n sliding across thetarp.  I jumped at first and made it almost all the way to third, then hoppedthe far wall and proceeded to outrun the police by zigzagging through the rowsin the stadium until the fact that radios travel faster than even myrecently-in-better-shape-legs caught up to me.Bottom line: flying back to Baltimore in September to face a possible $500 fineand 90 days in jail.And it's all appropriate, seeing as how I'm visiting the wannabe black Andy inthe ghetto town of Columbus in a few hours.yours,The soon to be felon given the rate at which criminals return to prison afterincarceration"

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Random question

Question of the day:  do armadillos really have herpes? 

whoo hoo

Its off and my wrist is in a splint now.  almost done!  the nurse was so mean though and almost made me cry but whatev.  she cant hurt me.  so I love holls post about a goal of 400 posts by august 4th.  I am all for it.  Nat what are you up to Friday?  and when will you be in the chitown airport august 18th?

one last time?

So i think we should make one more posting goal before the end of the summer....with natalies interesting book posts,johnnys drunken nyc posts,and rotm nominations arounf the corner, i think we are well on our way to another all time post quality high....so i am proposing that we make it to 400 by august 4...i mean why not right? Well just as debs has 2 more hours of cast time, o only have 2 more days of work time...so needless to say i am excited about that! woot woot! no other real news, other than the fact that i went to a @bridal extravaganza with brother and fiancee and decided that getting married looks like way to much work...nat you would have definitely @had to go!@

2 hours and counting

2 more hours andi get this disease ridden cast off! woohoo. well i had a wonderful convo with holls last night. nat i missed ya again. i miss you both. your both going to be leaving on a jet plane!

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Today I thought of you.

Titles such as French Grammar and Usage (without the French), Sting Like a Bee, Mourning John Lennon (the picture on the cover more than the title), Sex, God, and L.A., and The Official Guide to Battlebots made me think of all of you today.

Monday, July 26, 2004

Will Smith Movies

I, Robot?  I don't even know bot!

One of my favorite

titles I have seen while working at "the book place" is The Hazards of Sex, How to make a tiny person in nine months with tools you probably have around the house. Another favorite of mine is Making Out in Japanese, and yes, it is what you would imagine. Sorry, Andy, I have yet to see one for Mandarin. But there is one for Indonesian, if anyone is interested.

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Roommate of the month

so i realized we are getting to that time of the month again and was curious as to how the decision was going to be reached this month?  do we fill out nominations?  i have a suggestion.  if we are going to do nominations again lets nominate someone else besides ourselves.  well cherrio 


I made it to NY and back, despite a few cancelled flights and delays caused by the fact that I'M ON THE TERRORIST WATCH LIST.  How did this happen?  I'm looking at you, bee!