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Saturday, March 27, 2004

alternative to botox - strivectin sd

LOG BLOG PREPARE TO BE SPAMMED Some Botox Alternatives include StriVectin SD, these are now available.

Check out Alternative to botox. you might even look at StriVectin SD!

Do you want some?

Yes, I want some. And then she brings me a slice of buttered toast? wtf?


Hey kids, remember that time we went to State and the bouncer let in Natalie and Holly just for the fun of it? No questions asked! That was super fun btw. I think we should have more fun nights out like that. That was college.

Thursday, March 25, 2004


there's too much whispering jerks

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Natalie's Secret

Everyone, I just wanted to say that I tempted Natalie into saying "maaa!" tonight. And it was so hott! Yes, that is right: Natalie said, "Maaaa!"

Wednesday, March 24, 2004


Germs, fine by me

Deep thoughts

Hopelessly addicted to LogBlog, the blog for LOG? Fine by me

Wear your LOG proudly

go poop on yourself. Okay, I think that Natimbo is just going to stay here now and work on Jimmy's paper. Happy Birthday!

Talk about anger management

Jimmy is so firey hot with anger that I refuse to sign in under my own name. But that's fine by me. Let him get firey hot with anger. I will post away.

For the love

Why is this 18K?


Isnt everyone really excited about bookstore basketball.....i am so glad all of us are playing....i think if anyone decides not to play it just wouldnt be as cool......arent you so excited andy hagans?

The Prodigal

According to Sir Andy Hagans I am currently not contributing to Log blog the blog for log in a consistent or acceptable manner. To rectify this situation i offer a profound and poignant biblical quote: "You are always with me and everything i have is yours." As fellow members of the loyal order of groundhog you may have heard this phrase at a certain eucharistic celebration in our home dorm in which a large arachnid decided to crawl into the wine chalice, or more likely from the mouth of one of our most esteemed members, sir james joseph atkinson III. I propose that we add this saying to our LOG vocabulary, an addition to the legacy of "ok bye", "i wish you would", "maaaaaaaaa" (or its numerous derivatives), "ok i love you bye" etc etc etc. Have the most wonderful of wednesdays!

BLOGBlog. The Blog for BLOG!

LOGblog: The Blog for LOG / BLOGLog: The LOG for Blog ? LOGblog: The Blog for LOG... BLOGLog: The LOG for Blog. Blog BLOG LOG log log log blog the blog for blog bloggity blog blog blog log log.

BLOGBlog. The Blog for BLOG! ... why aren't I sleeping right now?

Tuesday, March 23, 2004


Natalie, Jimbo says you were the one who put my blankie behind the couch, and he also said you didn't like my blankie. Now maybe you were annoyed it was there but that is not the blankie's fault! I am so upset about this I have to go to bed, goodnight.

BLOGLog: The LOG for Blog

Is it just me, or does Debbie get prettier every day?

Atari Parti And You're Not Invited

Sometimes when I walk around campus I see people who dress and look different from me, and that's funny.

Holly on NDToday.com

Hey LOG. Jimbo here. I just wanted to let everyone know that Holly is on the Hot or Not section of NDToday.com. Check her out! She is so hott right now. Most indubitably a 10!

Monday, March 22, 2004

Guess what!!!

I've been re-hired, never to be fired again! Here's the proof:
FtblGuy: you're so re-hired btw.
FtblGuy: don't let me ever fire you again.
NatCalND: oh thanks, what did i do
FtblGuy: what didn't you do?
FtblGuy: you're natalie! i couldn't not re-hire you.

Yes! Let's get rowdy for that!